17DOF Bipedal Robot (Raspberry Pi)

About: the Raspberry Pi is Awesome!

How to build a 17DOF biped robot controlled by the raspberry pi.

Step 1: Parts

RPI Zero W (Barebones Kit) – https://goo.gl/fSioxP

4 Amp Power Adapter – https://goo.gl/js4Uc7

16GB Micro SD – https://goo.gl/js4Uc7

120 pcs jumper cable – https://goo.gl/js4Uc7

Biped Kit (If link broken check aliexpress.com) – https://goo.gl/js4Uc7

Maestro Servo Controller – https://goo.gl/js4Uc7

Linear Bench Power Supply (for testing purposes, better than the one I used) – https://goo.gl/6YYKGf

Step 2: Assembly

For step-by-step assembly instructions go to this link: https://www.piddlerintheroot.com/project-denji/

Step 3: Setup/Code

Step 4: Additional Info



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