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    You are most welcome. I tend to be an artistic butterfly and have as many interests as the stars. Either that or it is the ADD. Probably just the ADD and multi tasking on all sorts of stuff.

    Ah, now I rememebr. I always forget where I left comments, and I rarely look at the user name, so when I get an email that I have a new comment, it always leaves me scratching my head for a bit...

    I have been meaning to tell you that I did it, sort of. I just took a cardboard box that had one side cut out of it and lined it with some white paper towels. Then I took two of my LED flashlights and taped some parchment paper over them and set them on either side.

    And it worked beautifully! Of course, the effect is not quite the same, but the photos are still pretty impressive considering they were taken with an iPad. Definitely an improvement over my earlier attempts.

    Now if I could just get that Instructable finished. And get started on one of the 101 other ones I have floating around in my head...

    I don't know about you but in my case, it's definitely the ADD. ;-)

    Exactly it is a dead simple little photo hack and I really need to use it more often. I solemnly swear to take the completed shot, of the next couple projects, using a cardboard photography studio.


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    I need to make another one. I forgot all about this untill I was diggng in a folder for a picture of my son at the same age my daughter was. And I was like Wow yeah that thing was cool. Grabbed my photog notebook and wrote it up.

    I used to always take notes of camera and flash settings then write them on the backs of my prints. When I switched to digital I wrote them down in a notebook with the photo file name.