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The life span of your average pantyhose is, what, 2 months? I have actually had some pantyhose for years, but thats because I only wear them a couple times a year.  So lets say you get 5 good uses out of a pair of pantyhose - what else can you do with them?

I did a little research and found a bunch of ways to reuse your old, tared, lots 'o runs pantyhose.

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Step 1: Arm Tattoos

I love this little trick.  My friend was as basketball player for halloween and wanted need fake tattoos to complete her costume.  She didn't want to draw on her arm so she drew her designs on a pair of nude pantyhose and wore it on her arm.

I tried this and tried to trick my roommates.  I drew a flower on the pantyhose then put it on my arm.  When I showed it to each of my roommates they were like, "thats great you drew a flower on your arm....".  When I pulled down the pantyhose they were like, "WOAH I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU DREW THAT ON YOUR ARM".  True story - and it worked on 4 different people!

Step 2: Photo - Gauze Lens

Give your photos an eerie gauzy effect by covering the lens with your pantyhose.

Step 3: Polishing Cloths

Pantyhose are made of a soft delicate material that makes them great for polishing most surfaces.  I put the shine back in this old lamp just by giving it a light buffing.  I didn't even use any polish - its all in the pantyhose.

Step 4: Vacuum - Find Lost Objects

I am alway dropping small objects like beads and the backs of my earrings on the floor.  A simple way to find small lost objects is by placing pantyhose over the head of the vacuum hose, securing it with a rubber band (so the pantyhose don't get sucked up!), and vacuuming under tables and chairs.  The objects are quickly picked up with out getting sucked away into the vacuum!

Step 5: Pot and Dish Scrubber

No need to keep buying new dish towels when you have SO many old pantyhose.  Clean cooked on food and oil spills off your cookware.  Just add dish soap and a bit of man power.

Step 6: Store Magazines

Tidy up your shelves and craft stations.  You can use pantyhose to neatly store magazines and rolls of paper.  The long thin shape of pantyhose is perfect for storing cylindrical objects.  Just roll the magazines up and put in the pantyhose and they won't unravel. 

You can see how neatly the magazines sit on the shelves above my washer and dryer.

Step 7: Ponytail Scrunchy

Theres something about wearing pantyhose scrunchies that makes you want to take hundreds of myspaces photos in the bathroom.  Check out a few of my favorite pics from my photo shoot.

How can you achieve this look - cut off the top band of your pantyhose and tie it in your hair like a scrunchie.


Step 8: Cotton Ball Substitute - Remove Nail Polish

For some reason I have always hate the way cotton balls feel.  I can't really explain it but squishing them makes me shudder.  I usually use toilet paper when removing nail polish, but I found that using pantyhose is a much easier solution.  Nail polish comes off faster and easier when you use pantyhose instead of cotton balls or toilet paper.  You can also reuse the pantyhose so no waste is produced!

Step 9: Tie Objects Together

Pantyhose have the amazing property of elasticity!

OMG ELASTICITY YOU SAY?  But how can I utilize this elasticity?

Keep objects bundled together by tying a super stretchy pair of pantyhose around them!

Step 10: Duster

Dust your bookshelves easily and quickly.  Cover your hand with a pair of pantyhose and just run it along a shelf, molding, or window sil.  

Step 11: Stuffing

When dogs attack stuffed animals with their sharp teeth and cats maul your teddy bears arm with their razor claws - perform some light surgery by replacing the stuffing with pantyhose.

WARNING: Never google images of teddy bears in a place you don't feel comfortable ooohh-ing and awwww-ing out loud.

Step 12: Test Sanded Surface for Snags

Ned to test your sanded surfaces for snags, but scared of getting splinters? Try the pantyhose test. Put a piece of pantyhose around your and rub it over the wood. If the pantyhose snags onto any spots you will know exactly where you need to re-sand.

Step 13: Soap on a Rope

....or in your old pantyhose.  Same concept - different contraption.

Store old bits of soap in your pantyhose.  Use it at the sink or in the shower to keep your self clean.  You can even use a new bar of soap for this.  The pantyhose helps exfoliate your skin - so its a 2 in 1 process!

Step 14: Patch a Hole in a Screen

For a temporary fix to a hole in your screen door - use pantyhose and duct tape to patch small areas.

Step 15: Prevent Soil From Leaving Pot

You don't want dirt and muddy water coming out of the bottom of your flower pots.  You can prevent this by lining your flower pots with your old pantyhose.

Step 16: Filtering Net

Cut down the leg of your pantyhose so you have a flat piece of fabric.  Cut out an even rectangle and tape it to a square frame.  Use an old wire coat hanger for your frame.

Step 17: Food Strainer

To prevent food from getting down your sinks drain cover your bowl with a pair of pantyhose before pouring it in the sink.  This is useful when you are having soup and you don't want to throw away the liquid in the trash.

Step 18: Citrus Bath

Draw yourself a soothing citrus bath.  Its simple: grind up some lemon and orange peels and put them at the foot of your pantyhose.  Tie a knot at the top and let it sit in the water.

Step 19: Store Potpourri

Fill the foot of your pantyhose with potpourri and hang in your closet.  This will keep any small space from getting stinky!

Step 20: Wash Cloth

Exfoliate your skin by washing your face with a pair of old pantyhose.  Pantyhose are perfect because they are gentle on your skin but they are rough enough to remove dead skin.

Warning: You will probably not want to use the foot section of your pantyhose so be sure to cut it off.

Step 21: Buff Your Shoes

Refresh your worn out dirty shoes by giving them a good fresh polish.  Buff them with a medium-length strip of pantyhose.  I refreshed by favorite pair of white patten leather pumps.  I was able to easily remove a small marks and bits of dirt.  Unfortunately, years of wearing these shoes at frat parties in 3" beer covered floors has left scuff marks that even a professional couldn't fix.

Step 22: Hang Onions

Use this quick fix for stopping onion and garlic skins from peeling off all over your counter.  Put them in your pantyhose and let them hang from your cabinets.  You still have easy access to them and you don't have to deal with the mess! 

Step 23: Cover a Bug Jar

Kids love to bring strange creatures into the house.  Whether its a slug from the garden, or a friend from class who likes to eat slugs - its inevitable.  When your kids come in the house with a hand full of bugs put them in an old jar and cover it with a rubberband and pantyhose.

Step 24: Keep Warm

I used this trick all the time when I lived in upstate New York.  Its easy to layer your shirts, but its not so easy to layer your pants.  In the winter wear your old pantyhose under your pants for an extra layer of insulation.  It doesn't matter how old and worn out your pantyhose are because no one will see them!

Step 25: Clean Hairbrush

Stretch a small piece of pantyhose over your brush head.  Use a bobby pin or pen to push it down below the bristles.   When you are ready to clean the hair out of your brush simply remove the pantyhose and throw it all out.

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207 Discussions

Phil B

8 years ago on Introduction

Years ago I read about some college students on their way home in a small car when the fan belt broke. A female passenger removed her pantyhose while the guys looked the other way. One of the guys slipped them over the pulleys in the pathway of the broken belt and tied the feet together in a knot. He adjusted the tightener pulley a bit and they were able to drive to a garage for a real replacement belt.

4 replies
Stevie ZeePhil B

Reply 3 years ago

Yup - my dad used to use one for a belt in his record turntable. Also worked for many, many years.

HellborN-HarbingeRPhil B

Reply 3 years ago

Can confirm this one is true. Same happened with my mom back in college. Fan belt broke and some bloke who stopped to help asked her the creepy question, "Are you wearing Pantyhose?" She did and he proceeded to do the same with it as you describe. My mom managed to get to a garage where they could fix it properly.

Another quick trick from those days. If you minor spring a leak in your radiator, pour curry powder into the engine coolant. it will seal the hole long enough to get you to safety. That is if you have some handy, thankfully my mom grew up in the capitol of India, Durban, and some random stranger had some handy when her car was overhearing due to a small leak.

Yes this is true, I did it myself once. I had taken my wife to a job interview and on our way home the serp belt broke. Luckily she had nylons on so I tied them around the drive pulley and around the water pump. I didn't have power steering but it drove and didn't overheat. Actually drove it for a couple days until Monday rolled around and I could get a new belt. Throw an old pair of these in your trunk next to your jack, you never know when they can save you.


7 years ago on Step 24

Hi former upstate New Yorker. I am a current upstate New Yorker and have been suffering from cold legs in the winter too. I have tried wearing thermals under my dress pants, but they are too thick (and itchy).

Your pantyhose idea sounds great. My problem, I am a single guy, and don't currently have a girl friend to ask. I am too embarrassed to buy them or to ask any girls I know.

Women, If I were your boyfriend, or even just a close friend, would you think it odd if I were to ask your and explain why?

14 replies

Reply 2 years ago

My father-in-law had the same problem. It was was years ago but we found him slippery 'silver' ones that insulated better than the old cotton ones. No longer have a clue where we found them, maybe in a camping/hunting outlet.


Reply 3 years ago

Seriously, just go buy them. No one is going to question you if they are for you unless you tell them they are, if anything they will just assume-that you are a sweet boyfriend buying them for your girlfriend. I wear them all the time in the winter as I have nerve damage and honestly, I'd probably never leave the house of pantyhose or tights didn't exist.


Reply 3 years ago

Turn in your Man Card. No one really cares why you are buying them.
I've bought them and other woman's products for my girl. Never felt
funny, just did what needed to be done.

I have never tried
them for warmth but I do not use cotton thermals, I use polypropylene underwear
when I am out in the cold. Cotton only keeps your sweat and then becomes
cold so you become cold. if you are so afraid of someone finding out
try the polypropylene, works awesome.


Reply 3 years ago

I wouldn't think it odd with that explanation. Years ago Football player Joe Namath wore panty hose for that reason, also. And he ended up doing a commercial on TV for the panty hose company.


Reply 3 years ago

i remember that commercial but never knew why he did it! wow!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I have found that those in the store simply assume that you are buying female-oriented products for your wife or girlfriend. If anyone reacts at all, it's usually with admiration. It's awkward the first time, then you realize it's a non-issue. The only hitch would be if you wanted to ask that counter-person out for a date.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Seriously, my friend. No one cares. I used this trick CONSTANTLY when I was snow boarding, back in the day. We'd saturate our baggy jeans with Scotch Guard, Then put on 1-2 layers of panty-hose underneath, depending on the expected temps. We looked cool, dry and were actually quite cozy!


Reply 3 years ago

awww get over it! go get your hose. You could be buying for a significant other, its noooo bodies biz!


Reply 3 years ago

I wore them all through the winter when I enlisted (back in 89). Basic and AIT in the snow & sub-zero temps...the long underwear helped a little, but it still got cold. the pantyhose worked surprisingly well. After learning that, I use them every winter when deer hunting and the temps drop :)


Reply 3 years ago

Dollar store....they have everything for a dollar


Reply 3 years ago

Absolutely NOT! As kids, we used to wear my Mom's snagged pantyhose under our snow pants so we could stay outside longer in the Winter! And, by we, I mean my sister AND brother! All the neighbor kids did it!