3 Ways to Defeat "writers Block"

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Writers block, the enemy of every writer, poet and author on earth
For those of you who have the luck of never having to endure this it is an annoying frame of mind in which you cannot think of anything to write, have trouble starting a new story or the very thought of writing gives you a headache. In my past three or so years of writing i have endured this dozens of times, be it mere days or months. It is an annoying but unavoidable infliction, but there are ways to shake it.

(alas, my drawing still hasn't improved....)

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Step 1: Insipration PleasE!


its that simple. sit down and think. if you really want to write whatever it is, but can't seem to start, just think long and hard about the story. come up with some new, exciting ideas. if one is good enough to add to your story then you'll get inspired and want to write it. it works with me. this improves your  story as well as fending off writers block!!!

Step 2: Sit Back, Relax..AND STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

sometimes, the stress of writing gets to you
you need to just stop thinking about it for a while
start a new hobby, read a few good books, do something that doesn't include sitting over a notepad, clenching a pen in your hand and rubbing your forehead.
it could take hours,weeks,months
but eventually if you love it enough you'll get back to writing!!!

Step 3: Be Persistent

tried everything?
but the imagination gnawing feeling is still there?
whatever you do DON'T GIVE UP
you'll shake it one day
and before you know it, more brilliant work is pouring over the pages
goodbye and good luck writers!
thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!

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    3 years ago

    I'm totally lost and have never found a inspiration I only write short stories and very young I need more advice!


    6 years ago on Step 2

    I highly agree with this step. My philosiphy with writers block or "Mysteries of the Missing Muse" as I like to call lack of inspiration, is very simple. Take a vacation! No, it does not have to be the kind where you leave your local area, but it should be something you have to get outside to do. Go out for a long walk, buy and assemble a craft project, take up painting, or in my case, paint-throwing. I am not an artist. When I get stuck, I usually go out to my backyard and try to put three arrows within a one inch circle from 30 yards. (Basically, the length of my backyard. The intense concentration this requires burns off whatever concerns were plaguing me before, and the extreme mental focus leaves me calm both spiritually and mentally when I finally manage to do it. Try something that keeps your hands busy and your mind focused. Or, you could try what I usually do each morning and just find a quiet, empty place somewhere, sit down and just focus on your breathing for a moment. If you do try this, I reccomend being someplace cool, calm, and open. You definitely want to do this when nobody is around. If that means getting up at 4:00 in the morning, then so be it.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    haha thats good :)
    not an artist myself but if it helps those with artistic talent then thats great!

    your welcome!

    haha, yes i do DE (distance ed) so all my friends are hundreds or thousands of k's away so we sure know our smileys!) :) ;) :D XD


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow really great suggestions! I only started actually WRiTING stories down recently so I havent run into writers block yet, but this is sounds effective!

    2 replies

    wow, great to hear. i love writing, its a great pastime ,Message me if you need any help

    also, i have an instructable called E-write that might help you as a beginner :)