3D CAD Tutorial - Revolve Feature - #2 - Revolve - Lamp Globe



In this Tutorial, you will gain additional 3D CAD experience with Alibre Design, by using the Revolve Boss Feature to create the 'Globe-1' Model.

If you would like to try this and don't yet have acopy of Alibre Design, you can get the Alibre Design Trial, or Alibre Design Express. Text Only versions of these tutorials are on my Alibre Design Tutorials Site.

In the next step, you will have a pdf file - open this to do the tutorial.

You will be shown how to launch Alibre Design, Create a New Part, Set File Properties, Options, Create the basic Sketch figure, using Line, Trim, Fillet, Offset, & Various Zoom Commands.

Finally, you will smooth the display settings, set colors and reflectivity, and create a new folder to save the file in.

Continue on to the next step for the Tutorial!

Step 1: 3D CAD Tutorial - Revolve Feature - #2 - Revolve - Lamp Globe - Instructions

Follow the content in the pdf below for the complete Tutorial on this Revolve Boss 'Globe-1' Model.

Elements covered in the sketch include:
- Activate Sketch, Select Line from main menu,
- Dimension, Dimensions Value Editing, Angle Dimensions,
- Dimension Annotation positioning,
- Zoom to Fit, Zoom Mode, Line seletion by Icon,
- Vertical Lines, Horizontal Lines, Midline Constraint,
- De-Selecting features, Circular Arc - Center-Start-End,
- Selecting and Deleting Features (Lines), Trim Figure,
- Zoom to Window, 2D Fillet, Offset, Analyze Sketch.

Elements covered in the Revolve Boss feature include:
- Selection by Main menu choices, Labeling,
- Selecting Sketch to revolve, Selecting Axis,
- Convirming Angle (of Revolution) = 360.

Also covered is the Adjustement of the Property: Curve Smoothness, Editing and setting Color Properties and Reflectivity, Opacity adjustments, and File Saving with a New Folder.

Proceed on to the PDF file for the complete details and instructions.

Step 2: 3D CAD Tutorial - Revolve Feature - #2 - Completion - Feedback


Please feel free to [mailto:alibre_rob@hotmail.com?subject=Instructables_Revolve-Globe_Completed! send me an email] letting me know you completed this Tutorial.



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