Introduction: 3D PRINTED TARDIS

Here's another fun challenge I set for myself when practicing my basic skills 3d modeling with AutoCAD. Again, not the most ideal 3d modeling program, but since I use it with my students in class its the platform that I use to practice my 3d modeling skills.

Obviously for this challenge I set my sights on re-creating the Tardis! Why? Who wouldn't want having a pint sized Tardis sitting on your desk or even lighting up your room at night!

This instructable will include all .stl files that I developed using AutoCAD. There are really two separate files you could use depending upon how large you print the Tardis. Due to the size that I ultimately printed it, I did not print the cap for the light at the top of the police box because of how small it was.

I printed out my own labels for the police box and glued them on using regular computer paper.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out, Leave me your thoughts!

Step 1: Researching the Challenge

In order to create the Tardis, research was necessary to not get specific dimensions, but a good idea of the relationship between different features of the police box. I am sure I could have found exact measurements online, which would have made life easier, but instead I developed my own size chart and used proportions to create my 3d model.

I have included some of the images I have used to develop my 3d model.

Step 2: 3d Model

Below I have included the two basic stl files that I used to print this model. I am printing with a Makerbot Replicator 2 using Translucent Blue PLA filament. I was initially concerned about whether I would need supports, however, when I printed, no supports were needed. This also might depend on how large you print the Tardis. The bigger the Tardis, the more likely you will need to turn supports on. I also don't need to use rafting, but that is because of how I have calibrated my printing bed. I am also not using Makerbot blue printing tape, but take I purchased from Home depot which seems to have more tackiness to it.

Step 3: Finished Product

Overall, I am very happy with how well this turned out. I decided to print the Tardis using the Translucent Blue Speckled PLA to attempt to match color, but also to allow light to pass through. Why would I want this? Well, I also am going to modify this model to create a sort of night light for my kids to have in their room.

Who wouldn't want a Tardis night light? I will update this Instructable as I complete that element of the project.

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