3D Pinted Spool Reel




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This is a filament spool reel or roller how ever you want to call it. It has bearings so that the spool will easily roll making the filament easy to be pulled into the 3D printer. Disregard the center holes as those were going to be additional holder parts but i found they were not needed so i omitted them in the files.

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Step 1: CAD Your Parts

I really like Design Spark Mechanical I do all my CAD work in there. So choose your favorite CAD program and make up something that looks like mine, or you can just download mine. One stl for the washers and one stl for the holders. I have also provided the rsdoc files if you should want them.

Step 2: Print Out Your Parts

It is going to take 8 washers and 2 holders. I printed them with PLA with my frame-less printer. .3 layer height. The infill does not matter much as these parts will almost be solid anyway because of the wall thicknesses are so thin.

Step 3: Parts

This will require:

4) 608ZZ bearings

4) 8m x 30 bolts

4) 8m nuts

These are extra parts i use for building 3D printers so i designed my roll around the parts that i had.

Step 4: Assembly

Not to hard and just about self explanatory. One thing, the washers have a 1mm ridge to mate with the inner race of the bearings. These need to be installed in the correct war or the rollers purpose will be defeated.

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