3D Print Skate Bench

Introduction: 3D Print Skate Bench

Make your own skateboard deck bench with this easy steps!


_ Any Skateboard Deck

_ Any 3D Printer.

_ Iron rod Bender.

_ 1 inch rod, 40cm long (x4)

_ 10mm iron rod, 80cm long (2x)

_ fittables screws (x8)

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Step 1: 3D Printing...

Choose type (Iron or wood legs)

Print 4 "rod" files and 2 "sup" files.

_ Remember to mirror 2 "rod" files.

Recommended parameters:

_ Print full fill.

_ 0.2mm layer height

_ Use Brim

Step 2: Deck Assembly

_ Fit the deck holes with the printed part holes

_ Adjust them with your usual skateboard nuts and bolts.

_ Use normal wood screw to secure rod if loose. (Side holes)

_ If using iron rods, bend them in the middle.

Step 3: Result_

... Enjoy.

Step 4: Files

Free 3D printable files. ( 2 types)

_10mm iron rod legs (2 files): Iron rod 1 / Iron sup

_1 inch wood rod legs (2 files): Wood rod 1 / Wood sup

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    3 months ago

    Nice! Did you download or design the bracket?


    Reply 3 months ago

    I designed it all.