3D Printable Checker Board

Introduction: 3D Printable Checker Board

This is a checker set you can print yourself. You can also play chess with the board, however I only included the files to make the checker pieces. I designed the board and pieces myself. Some of the assembly is a little complicated so make sure you follow along.

Step 1: Print All of Your Pieces

You will need to print:

1 - printed board base

1 - printed Border

50 - printed INSERT

15 - Red Checkers

15 - Pink Checkers

Print all of the parts, the parts are all in Auto Desk inventor files, ad you are welcome to change the colors to fit your preference, and print them in any style you want.

Step 2: Inserting the Inserts Into the Base

You will notice in the base there are a 50 square recessed spaces. In each of these spots put in a insert square. They are the same size so should be a tight fit. To ensure that they stay put you may want to put a small dab of super glue under each square.

Step 3: Putting on the Border

The border is as simple as inserting the pins in the piece into the holes. Again you may want to use a few dabs of superglue for a better fit.

Step 4: Play Checkers

Now you can play checkers, The pieces are designed to stack so you can king your pieces.

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