3D Printable Mario Sewer Pipe & Piranha Plant

Introduction: 3D Printable Mario Sewer Pipe & Piranha Plant

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This is a learning curve for me. I've used drawing apps but I've never tried creating something in a 3D environment. So follow along with me as I try to create a Super Mario Pipe for a planter and add a infamous Piranha Plant at the end to use if your green thumb isn't so green (don't worry we've all been there). Thank you for checking out my instructable hope you enjoy it. :D

Step 1: Know Your Enemy

First I want to let you know that this is by-no means is a precision or expert rendition of the Piranha Plant from Super Mario World. It is my interpretation of the creature that has fouled up my attempts to rescue the princess that is in the other castle a many of times. This was created on an IPad mini (1st gen) using Autodesk 123D Design which is free for download in the App Store. It is tricky to work with. It can be tedious to get just right but I learned as I started working with it. Patience my friend. Patience.

Step 2: It's Just a Pipe.

The whole idea for this instructable was to make a 3D printable plant pot representing the pipe that Mario uses throughout the Super Mario Universe. I myself have acquired quite a few plants throughout my life and what better place than to keep them but in their own green pipe. As I went through this I added the Piranha Plant later just to have something you could put on your desk just in case your plant got flushed down the pipe. :(

1. I looked up the subject : Piranha Plant

2. Download the app: Autodesk 123D Design to your IPad

3. Open the app and let's get this party started.

4. I first start by selecting a new project.

5. Using the primitive shapes as a guide I chose the one that most resembled the object in a generic foundation. A cylinder was the perfect choice. I then began to chose the rim of the pipe as a tube chosen from the primitive shapes was a perfect fit.

6. Using the toolbar from the left. I used the tool that is for hollowing out objects.

tip: Notice when you are selecting the tools that it tells you what tool selected at the top of the screen.

7. I then used the scale tool and selected the surfaces that I needed to adjust to reach my desired shapes.

8. I then used the measuring tool to find out how big the pipe truly is.

9. Once the pipe bottom is at my desired shape, size, etc... I then match the tube to the desired size and shape of my reference. I flip back every once in a while to make sure I'm still on task on height and size.

10. I looked down through the tube and the pipe bottom to align like I needed. I'm sure there is a simpler way to do this but at this moment I went with old fashioned looking down the barrel.

11. looking at all sides inside and out verifying all angles. I decided to add the color with the fill tool with all it's sewer green glory!

12. Bask in the beauty of a 3D version that you created. Your fingers bled, eyes went crossed but you made it. You truly made it. Then you realize the princess is in another castle. WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!??

Step 3: No Mushrooms Required

The great part about having a 3D printed layout for planter is that you can adjust it by just editing it to the size you want or need. Yay for 3D printers!

Step 4: I'm Sorry the Princess Is in Another Castle?

So we've all met these words before at the end of a world. Yeah. I know frustrating isn't it. Good news, you can be done, right now. If you want. there isn't anything that's going to tell you that you have go further..... but yep, if you want to add something else to this instead of a plant then you need to go on. Mario's world is tis a silly place.

Step 5: It Bites! Watch Your Fingers!

When I decided to add the plant to this it wasn't in the original idea. So using 123D Design was a challenge for me to fabricate this on a digital plane. I'm hoping to one day have my own 3D printer because I couldn't begin to pay for this to be printed out. I decided to add a pocket under the plant for you to be able to hide something (your own secret stash) while it is in the pipe. So shall we begin? Let's a go! (in your best Mario voice)

1. Start with a cylinder from the primitive shapes and then adjust the size with the scale tool. Using the pipe that you made in the last section place the cylinder inside and compare your outer diameter with the pipes inner diameter.

2. Using the Hollowing out tool I created a space in the top of the cylinder. I then used the rotating tool to place the hollow space on the bottom.

3. Now I take a cube and using the scaling tool I adjust the height of the cube. Keeping this fairly skinny to make the neck or stem of the plant. We can adjust the height if needed later (which I did near the end)

4. Using my glider shapes I pick the hex shape in the stabilizer section. I decided this is going to make the best possible leaf shape. I use 3 of these to form the leaves. I manipulate these with scale tool as well and give a little twist with the rotate tool. After creating one complete leaf leave it off to the side until later.

5. I now need to create the place on the stem for the leaves to attach. I use the primitives shapes once again. I use the cone shape and adjust this also with the scale tool and give it a slight adjust as well with the rotate tool upwards.

6. Take the leaf from earlier and attach it to the stem with the cone. I use all angles to make sure that none of the leaves are inside the stem itself.

7. Now once the leaf is placed in the correct location you select the cone and all the leaves and hold down on the selected pieces. The duplicate menu should appear and press duplicate.

Tip: When duplicating your piece is actually lined up with the original piece that was duplicated. Using the selection tool and just moving the piece directly over the replicated piece and then moving it down saves trouble of trying to eyeball it.

8. Select the leaf and cone once again and duplicate as before. Using the rotate tool flip and mimic the angle of the leaf of the opposing side. Then select the leaf and cone on that side and duplicate it and repeat the process of aligning it as before.

9. Now select the dome shape from the primitives shapes. Using the fillet tool round the edges and then also duplicate this shape. Using the selection tool move it and then rotate the it to form as I would call it a muppet screaming kind of shape. :D

10. Place this combined shape on the neck/stem of the plant. Always make sure it is lined up by looking at all angles.

11. ugh... I have to go to bed. I will finish tomorrow. I promise. Go play some Mario to occupy yourself. and thanks for looking.

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    Thank you! MakerManiac


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    Thank you! I would love to print it out as well. Maybe one day. If I do I will definitely add a pic to this instructable. :D


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    This is awesome! I would love to see this if you ever print it!