3D Printed 17" Laptop Cooler 2.0

Introduction: 3D Printed 17" Laptop Cooler 2.0

Alright, this is a follow up to my previous instructable related to a 3D printed 17" laptop cooler I created and printed on my replicator 2 from Makerbot.

Here is the link:


The first version of this cooler I created based upon how I use my laptop to game with a usb keyboard. Because I typically don't use the laptop's keyboard when playing games, the height the laptop is off the desktop wasn't a design issue.

However, I have gotten some comments in regards to this issue and decided it would be a good challenge to try to develop something that would allow users who like to use their laptop keyboards while gaming.

IMPORTANT!!! - I have not had a chance to 3D print all the parts and make sure they all work exactly as I have expected, but i have printed the ball and socket joints and know that they will allow me to angle fan bracket so the laptop is positioned in such a way that it would be more realistic for someone to game using the laptop without much wrist strain.

The brackets I have included in this variation are the same as the first. Every other part has been redesigned to allow for an angled configuration.

Step 1: Here Is What's New

Here are the .stl files for the parts of the cooler:

There is a difference between the front legs and the rear legs. They look similar but i added a rear leg riser to elevate the back legs off the ground. Due to the geometry of the positioning of the legs on this laptop cooler, I am using ball and socket joints to allow the grippers to adjust to various surfaces to help stabilize the laptop.

When printing the parts, you should align them in whatever printing software you are using the way they appear on this page except for the socket supports, you should rotate them so the flat bottom of "socket" joint is flat against the printing platform.

Also, the only parts that will need supports are the front and rear legs. They do take a bit of cleaning up, but by using needle nose pliers, a Dremel, and some other tools, I have been able to clean them up pretty well. I do use rafting on all of my prints.

Step 2: Assembly

When putting together this cooler, I would attach the fan brackets first. once these are attached, I would snap on the socket supports "feet" of the laptop that contain the socket portion of the ball and socket joint. These will be a little tricky, but do snap together. If you attempt this build, please let me know if you feel I need to modify the socket support component. I wanted to make sure that they were snug and wouldn't come off easily. I have tested these and they do work. Once the ball and socket joints are connected, you can connect the legs and rear leg riser. Once everything has been assembled it is up to you if you want to use modeling glue (I used gorilla modeling glue) to fix the legs in place.

Please contact me if you have any concerns!

I always welcome input!

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    Question 2 months ago on Introduction

    Hi, what can i do to mod this awesome project to a 15.6 laptop?