3D Printed Ergonomic & Friendly Asthma Inhaler

Introduction: 3D Printed Ergonomic & Friendly Asthma Inhaler

This cool and simple 3D printed health-related object is an effective ergonomic solution to improve the usage of the inhaler devices by people suffering from asthma.

I’ve been suffering from asthma since 20 years and I know well how much the correct usage of the inhaler improve my breathing.

Most of the people have difficulties in managing their inhaler in the correct way and keeping it in a stable position while puffing it. The particular shape of this object lids to firmly push the canister without struggling. You can hold the inhaler better and adapt it to your more convenient handling. Because it easily rotates on top of the inhaler, it can be effectively used by both right-handed and left-handed people.

In addition, the smile face designed through the object provide a more friendly look, which makes the perception of the inhaler less sad and scary, especially in case of children or emotional people.

It normally works with all standard asthma inhalers (both the preventer and the reliever ones).

In summary, this 3D printed object is an assistive technology designed to make the asthma treatment more effective and friendly.

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Step 1: Print It!

The STL model (units: millimiters) is attached to this Instructables.

To print the object I used a regular PLA filament using a layer thickness of 0.25 mm.

In order to make it strong enough I printed it with the following settings:

  • 2 perimeters
  • 3 solid top & bottom layers
  • 30% infill

The object can be printed easily without any printing support.

There are basically 2 ways to orientate the object to achieve an optimal printing:

  1. "120 degrees rotation" so that it lays on a side on the printing bed (see the attached picture of Cura)
  2. "bottom up" so that it stands with the two small columns on the printing bed (see the attached picture of Cura)

I've experimented both printing options and I got the best printing results implementing the rotation by 120 degrees.

I suggest you to use a bright color for the filament (in my case yellow so that it looks great with the designed smile face) to improve the friendly look of the object.

Step 2: Use It!

Thanks to the designed shape, the object can be easily installed on top of the metallic canister of your asthma inhaler.

Because it easily rotates on top of the inhaler, you can effectively position it adapt it to your more convenient handling when using the inhaler.

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    3 years ago

    Clever upgrade! I love seeing simple 3D printed ergonomic fixes like this. Very nicely done.