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Introduction: 3D Printed French Twist Comb

About: I am a student in University of Oulu, Finland, studying education and technology. My interest is digital fabrication in education.

I made a comb for French twist :)

Just because I couldn't find it in any shops near my place..

It turned out to be good enough!

I designed the comb on Fusion 360 and fabricated with Stratasys in Fab Lab Oulu using ABS as material.

I wanted the natural curve in both x and y direction so that the comb fits on the head nicely. I watched this tutorial video to create the curve.

Here are the steps I followed.

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Step 1: Drawing Sketch

First I drew the sketch of the comb on Fusion 360.

I used lines to draw the basic shape and used Sketch dimensions to adjust the size of each part (Sketch> Sketch dimensions). I made my comb as 8cm x 8cm with 5mm teeth. But it was a little bit big, so you can make it smaller as you wish!

I used 3-point arc (Sketch> Arc > 3-point arc) to create the roundness on the point of each tooth.

I created construction point in the middle of the comb (Sketch> point, select Construction from SKETCH PALETTE). I selected the comb and moved to where the construction point comes to the origin point (right click> Move/Copy> Move type: Point to Point).

I stopped the sketch.

Step 2: Intersect Extrusion

In Model mode, I created a sphere on the origin point.

I made the sphere diameter as 50cm. It could be smaller depending on how much curve you want on your comb. If you make the sphere small, your comb has more curve on it.

Use Shell function (Modify> Shell) to make the sphere hollow. The thickness of the sphere will be the thickness of the comb. I made the thickness as 4mm.

Select Extrude (Create> Extrude). Choose all the parts on the comb, select Operation> Intersect. The shape of the comb is extruded where the sketch intersects the sphere.

Step 3: Fillet and 3D Print

I modified the edges with Fillet function (Modify> Fillet) to make curvy edges.

I exported the comb as STL format (right click> save as STL).

I printed with Stratasys 3D printer in Fab Lab Oulu using ABS as material. Printing time was about one hour.

After printed, I sanded with sanding paper to make the surface smooth.

Step 4: Tips After Making

I made the comb very simple but you could add some design on the comb.

Also I made it 8cm x 8cm but it can be smaller. Sometimes, the teeth come out from hair, so the teeth can be shorter. If you use the stl file I attached, you can scale the size before printing.

In addition, the points of the teeth can be sharper to stick them in the hair easily. But not too much, since it hurts if they are too sharp :D

Here are some tutorial videos to make French twist :) It is very easy to make with the comb after a couple of trial.

How to do a French Twist

French Twist for LONG hair

Have a good hair day!

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