3D Printed Holiday Spiral Ornament

Frosty weather, long starry nights, and holiday cheer! This winter ornament evokes the feelings of the season and can light up the tree if attached to string light bulbs.

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Step 1: Designing the Ornament

This ornament was design in SolidWorks CAD software. The overall shape was created using a revolved surface, which was then trimmed using a split line created from an intersection curve. The curvy sliver was thickened, stars were cut out of it, and the sliver was then patterned in a circle. The interior bulb is a lofted surface with a snowflake shape cut out of it using the Split Line and Delete Face features. The ornament is finished off with a swept loop at the top for easy tree attachment!

Pro tip: Stuff one of the bulbs on a string of lights in the hole at the top to light the ornament up from the inside out!

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