3D Printed Phone Car Mount / Support / Holder

Info: Brico3D

Download: Files

Step 1: Explanation and Sizes

It is a support for smartphone that allows us to use, for example, the GPS while we drive. This holder is inserted into the slit of the car CD player (thickness of 3mm) and does not make it difficult to play a CD or USB.

In the part of the right has a wide slit to be able to connect the charger. Between this and the possibility of adaptation to various sizes, this support is compatible with almost every phones on the market achieving a very good stability.

Thanks to the lateral supports sliding and adjustable and a pair of elastic bands, it can support all those smartphones that have measures between:

Length: 105 to 150 mm.

Width: 50 to 80 mm.

Thickness: 7 to 9mm.



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