3D Printed Propeller Toy

This is my 3D printed propeller toy it uses 3D printed propeller and a sanded pencil as the body. It flies quite well for a printed propeller it a bit heavy that why they are normality made out of thin light plastic. Not suitable for young kids as it can hurt if you get hit with it so be very careful.

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Step 1: 3D Print

First you are going to need to print the propeller. I recommend you print it in the orientation that it in you will need so supports. your printer will need to have a printing volume of at least 190x190 mm if you print it corner to corner or 260mm side to side

I printed it in green PLA at :

layer height : 0.15

infill density : 10%

print speed : 50mm/s

support : Yes

Step 2: Removing the Supports

It can be heard to remove the supports it very thin and flexible so I use needle nose pliers and some sand paper it not perfect but it good enough.

Step 3: Assembly

It use a standard pencil that fit snugly in the hold. you should use an unsharpened pencil or put the pencil in lead side first do when you use it doesn't make pencil make to the floor and ceiling.

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