3D Printed Simple Desk Aircooler

Introduction: 3D Printed Simple Desk Aircooler

Hi everyone!
Today I will present you my first Instructable.
I decided to make a desk aircooler, because my room heated up like hell due to the really hot summer days.

So I thought "How can I make an aircooler for cheap and low energy costing?"
Buying a vent seemed not that effective in aircooling, because it only blows the warm air around not cooling it.
So I thought making a container, which you fill with ice-dices and a PC-fan blowing the warm air between the cold ice, should be more effective to the cooling process.
Because it worked really fine for me, I wanted to share my design with you.

Parts you need:

- 3d Printer or 3d-printing-service
- 4x M4 screws + nuts
- 4x PC-Fan screws
- Ice-dices

The STL Files are attached to the different steps.

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Step 1: Container

The container was really easy to design.
You just fill it with ice and put the top part on top.
You can screw the parts together with m4 screws, so you can hang it up anywhere if you like.
The half circled holes are for aircirculation. These are the points where the cooled air comes out.

Step 2: Top Fan-part

This piece was a bit more complicated to design for me.
You should fix the fan on top with the belonging screws, so it can't move around.

If your ice melts inside of the container, the AC wont start bubbling due to the holes in the shaft.

Step 3: 3d Printing and Assembly

After designing all parts, i sent my files to my 3d printer.
Sadly it failed around 3 times, becuase the belts weren't tightened.
Both parts took around 12hours each to print. Maybe your printer-bed is big enough to print both parts at the same time.

I hope you like the design, and have fun rebuilding and using it for your overheated room.

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