3D Printed Sword




I worked up this project so that my princesses could also slay dragons, it works just as well for Knights, Princes, and Spartan Warriors.

The Sword is a simple design that uses a Home Depot Yard stick as the core.

Step 1: Materials

The blade of the sword is made from a home depot yard stick (paint department $.98), I added a layer of chrome paint for flourish. The handle is wrapped with hockey tape for a better grip and look. The Cross-guard and Pommel were 3D printed using PLA.

Begin by printing the Cross-guard and Pommel. I used a low resolution setting with 3 shells and 20% infill, this gave me a solid part that can take some abuse from the kids (me). The parts I designed are specific to the yard stick that I purchased, you may need to scale the parts a bit to get a nice fit.

I designed the parts for a tight press fit, this way the handle stays together without adhesive.

Step 2: Forging the Blade

The blade must be forged in the white hot volcanic fires of HooMeeDe-pot by the dwarves of Krylon...

All kidding aside, The yardstick was sliced in half using a chop saw, i cut the blades to 18" this seems to be right for smaller children. Also the shorter length slows the tip speed (hurts less). I then shaped the tips into a more blade like design and blunted the tips for safety.

A quick coat of silver paint finished the blade off. You could also use bronze or copper paint for your spartan warriors.

Step 3: Assembling the Handle

The plastic printed parts are designed to be pressed into place, using an exacto knife I beveled the back edges of the blade slightly to help them start into the Cross-guard and Pommel. Be careful using the razor blade my efforts earned me two stitches, and mild disapproval from my wife.

If the blade seems loose, a bit of two part epoxy would be a fine addition.

Step 4: Wrapping the Handle

The handle was wrapped using hockey tape.

  • Start by attaching the tape to one end of the handle and unrolling it 12-18".
  • Hold the sword in the air with the tape roll hanging below, spin the roll until the tape twists into a thick string.
  • Then wrap the twisted part of the tape around the handle with 1/4"spaces in between.
  • When you reach the other end of the handle you should run out of twisted tape.
  • Cover the twists with a single layer of tape to finish the look.

Step 5: Arm Yourselves

Arm your favorite Knights or Maidens and send them into battle. And remind them not to actually slay the dragon (dog)



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