3D Printed Velcro Slicer!

Introduction: 3D Printed Velcro Slicer!

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Hi Makers -- this Instructable is TOTALLY a cheat! It's TOTALLY derivative! It's also exponentially-better than my original Instructable which you can find HERE. Read that instructable "get it," then go to step 2.

Step 1: Download My File and Send It to Your Printer!

So if you look at the image above, this version of the velcro slicer has 3 major improvements:

  • It's not made of paper. Which is an obvious improvement when working with a utility knife.
  • The channel guard is slotted so it doesn't wander in the channel. That will help you A LOT when cutting velcro strips down the middle as the channel guard will resist wondering in the direction you are pulling the velcro
  • Dimensionally, it will have the advantages of 3D printer shop accuracy. If you read my other instructable, we sort of eyeballed the channel. In this one, the channel is extremely straight and snug, and it will help you cut two strips of equal width.

So here is the SketchUp file to download. Convert to your printer's favorite format, and get jiggy with it!

Velcro Slicer.skp

Step 2: Photos of the Finished Product

see above.o



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