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Introduction: 3D Printer Christmas Ornament

Here's my entry for the 2014 White House Ornament Design Contest, an ornament of my Airwolf 3D printer printing Christmas ornaments. How ironic!

I'm a US citizen in Orange County, CA, USA.


Step 1: Create a 3D File

Create your 3D model using some kind of modeling software. I use Solidworks.

Step 2: Print Your 3D File

My machine has two print heads so I'm able to print my main material (silver) as well as a support material (white) that holds up the over hang layers above.

Step 3: Remove Part From Printer

Here's the part hot off the machine with the support material intact. Sometimes the small features don't always print very well. The bowden tube at the top didn't come out so I'll have to improvise.

Step 4: Remove Support Material

I soak the part in a solvent to remove all the white support material.

Step 5: Finished!

Here's the finished part.

Step 6: Print One Yourself

Here's the STL file so you can print your own.


3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge

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3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! That's really cool how your 3D printer is made using 3D printed parts, too!


    5 years ago

    love it