DIY Electric Skateboard (high Power Version)




Introduction: DIY Electric Skateboard (high Power Version)


A lot of people have caught on to the concept of an electric skateboard.

Electric skateboard is great transportation, it's light weight and you can pick it up and carry it (weighs only 10 pound), you can charge the battery and ride more than 10 miles.

This electric skateboard is really easy to make and so much fun to ride, it has top speed 37Km/h and 17 kilometers per charge(data source: strava app).

In this project, i use 3D printer to make drive pulley and motor mount, you can find 3D files on my thingiverse page and download for free.

Let's get started.

Step 1: All You Need to Know About Electric Skateboard

All electic skateboard comprises three parts, drive system, power system and control system, each system can be upgrad independently.

Drive system is responsible for driving the skateboard by the energy of power system, control system take control of accelerate and brake.

Step 2: Drive System

let's start with the drive system.

we need:

C6354 200KV brushless motor

235 5M Drive belt width 10mm-15mm *1

15T 5M pulley φ10mm *1

32T 5M pulley φ26mm (3dp) *1

Motor mount (3dp) *1

Free line wheels *4

Square skateboard trucks *2


Step 3: Drive System - 1

First of all, we need a motor mount to connect motor to the truck, the motor mount is a core component in this program, you can download the 3D model on my thingiverse page and 3D print it for free, no more cutting and drilling, everything is completely fit in 3D printing.

In this drive system, i choose square trucks, i bought this trucks on and haven't found it on ebay, if someone found this on ebay or other website please leave a comment on below and i'll update for someone needed.

I used to make motor mount for normal trucks but they all not fit very well, the square trucks can fit the 3dprint motor mount perfectly and avoid slipping.

Step 4: Drive System - 2

This is a C6354 brushless motor, i used to use N5065 270KV motor but i think C6354 200KV is better for electric skateboard because of lower rotating speed and higher power.

C6354 has 2050W power and can work under 24V like N5065.

The thing you need to watch out for is that the diameter of the 15T drive pulley need to match the axis of the motor, for 5065 it's 8mm, for 6354 it's 10mm.

You can also download the 15T pulley model on my thingiverse page, but I do not recommend you do because i used to use 3dprint 15T pulley and it melted by the heat generated by the rotation. but you can use it to test for your first ride. now i use aluminum 15T pully.

Step 5: Drive System - 3

Let's talk about wheels, here we have 72mm 82A Freeline wheels width 43mm, it was very easy to fit the 32Teeth drive pulley onto the wheel (5M 32T for 200KV motor). and you don't need to worry about the 32T pulley will melt even you 3dprint it by PLA.

Finally to drive the wheel with the motor, you need a 5M 235 pulley belt.

To complete drive system, we need a few more thing, first of all, we need truck riser increase the distance under the board to avoid the motor hit the board, and truck riser also be used as shock absorber.

I use 6mm truck riser and you can get these from any skateboard shop.

We also need some 608 ball bearings to attach the wheels to the truck, you can get these from skateboard shop too.

Step 6: Power System

Power system.

we need:

120A ESC for RC car.

24V 6ah li-po battery.


Step 7: Power System - 1

We need an ESC to control the brushless motor.

ESC is electronic speed controller, often used for brushless motors essentially providing an electronically generated three-phase electric power low voltage source of energy for the motor.

All it does is accelerate and brake based on the signal it gets from the receiver.

We need the ESC to support at least as many cells as the battery, this 120A ESC is 12S, it means that it can take a maximum of 12 cells at 3.7V each.

Step 8: Power System - 2

ESC have a lot of configuration options, you'll be expected to configure it before you use it for the first ride.

Actually we can use a lot type of battery to drive ESC and motor, even use switching power supply and small capacity li-po battery as long as they are DC 24V.

I think 24V 6Ah is enough for daily use although we need more power and more battery.

24V * 6Ah=144 Wh, it can take on the plane, more than 160 Wh of batteries can not be put on the plane in china.

Be careful of your li-po battery, they are powerful and really easy to catch fire.

Step 9: Control System

Control system.

we need:

2.4G radio remote control.



Step 10: Control System - 1

We need to connect the receiver to BEC, and using a remote control to control accelerate and brake just like RC cars.

we only need one channel to control throttle.


At last, we need a switch and a box, the switch makes the operation a lot simpler, and the box protect the esc, receiver and battery.

Step 11: Portal Rider

We've described all the components of our electric skateboard, check out my youtubevideos for more information.

If you like this instructable, leave comment below and share this project with your friends who might like this.

Keep riding and thank you for checking out my Instructable!

Step 12: UPGRADE: 1

3D Printed Electric Skateboard Drive Pulley Protective Cover.


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    1 year ago

    Hi there! I have a few questions regarding this build. Firstly, I'm intending to use a Turnigy Sk3 192kv brushless outrunner motor. Will the motor mount be compatible with it? Same for the 3d printed 32T pulley. Also, will the motor mount warp due to the heat from the motor? I assume you are using ABS as the material. How much infill would you recommend? Would PLA work just fine as well? Would be great if you could leave an email or something similiar behind for easier communication. Thank you in advance. :)

    1 reply

    No, het said he would recommend making the gears with a 3d printer melts

    Most of the Pictures in the downloaded pdf are just completely black for me. Here is a screenshot. Does Anyone know why?

    Screenshot (73).png

    Hi, for your 3D printed motor mount and gears, what material did you use? And did they break eventually?

    BTW I purchased the trucks from Tabao already, thanks for the previous reply!

    YES it works, but i think it's too expensive, you might as well buy a VESC.

    Hi, what is the hangar length of the square trucks?? Hahaha my mandarin is rusty

    1 reply

    When i have the money for it, I will definitly build it.

    thank you

    Where can we get proper skateboard

    1 reply

    could you put the links to all the components needed please?

    good instructable anyway!!

    3 replies

    Check out my tutorials! I have similar designs and all of the links to the parts.

    Check out my tutorials! I have similar designs and all of the links to the parts.

    You can search for keywords on ebay and to get all you need.