3D Printed Screaming Rabbit My Cup Marker

This is 3D printed Screaming rabbit my cup marker

You will need 123D creature app on iPad to create this !
If you haven't installed yet,please get the app!

Step 1: Design the Character With Your IPad

Use ”123d creature" app to design the figure.
1. Shape the body
2. Sculpt out the eyes
3.sculpt in the mouth and ears

Step 2: Print the Design With Your 3D Printer

Use your 3D printer to print the design out!
If your design contained fragile part, put the support part.
I putted support part to my rabbit.

Step 3: Take Off the Support Part!

Just take off the support part

Step 4: You Can Create More Advanced Marker With Your Own Character!

You can also design your cup marker with more variety of characters too!
(Image is the Cat version )
*don't forget to design with some part which you can attach with cup

Step 5: Put Your Marker and Mark Your Stuffs!

Try your marker with your cup,pen,PC etc...
Try to mark every things around you marked with your little screaming rabbit!



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