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Introduction: 3D Printed Anti Spy Camera Cover

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Welcome to the "3D printed anti spy cam slider" mini project!

I see many laptops and notebooks from which the camera is covered with a post-it or a piece of tape. I found a few 3D printed clip on camera covers with Google but I wanted something more elegant. Even if you do not have a 3D printer it is extremely cheap to get one through a 3D printing service (I recommend 3Dhubs). The print only requires 6cm of (3mm) filament.

I made this camera slider as thin as possible (1.2mm) so you still can close your laptop. The camera hole size is 7mm diameter so (I think) it will fit most modern laptops.

Tools and materials

You only need thin double sided tape (I'm using double sided tape that I have for repairing smartphone/tablet touch screens) and a crafts knife or scissors.

Step 1: Download, Slice and Print!

The slider consists out of two parts that are really thin and small so you may need to tweak your slicing parameters to get a good result (especially extrusion widths). Also you must print with 0.2mm layer height (or 0.1mm) and 100% infill. Because this thing only has 6 layers and some areas are only 2 layers thick you need to be sure the first layer is perfect. As a reference I attached my Slic3r configuration to this step. I printed both parts together and the print only took 6 minutes. Here is a time lapse video of the print (x64).

Step 2: Stick the Slider on Your Laptop!

Before adding double sided tape you need to pre fit the pieces on a flat surface. Because the first layer is (most of the times) slightly wider you need to trim the edges of the parts. I scraped the edges with a crafts knife but sandpaper is fine too. I recommend using the same double sided tape as I used because it is really thin and it sticks extremely well.



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    great idea! Howewer not suitable for my laptop, I have too small gap between screen and the rest of the laptop. Keep up good work and come and visit my instructables as well ;)

    Very interesting build! Maybe I will be upgrading my sticky note sometime soon :-)

    Here is a small update. The anti spy camera slider is still on my laptop. The double side tape sticks extremely well.

    2015-06-06 10.36.27.jpg

    thank you! I was inspired by tape but I wanted to solve the "spy problem feeling" in a different way.

    Thank you for the comments! I didn't expect to get so many views for such a small project!

    Very cool

    Much easier and a lot more fun than taking your screen apart to unplug the camera, very nice!

    So simple! Very nicely done, thanks for sharing the files too!