3D Printed Catapult

Introduction: 3D Printed Catapult

The Catapult, AKA, Arial Kitten Treat Delivery System, is created 100% from 3D printed parts. I used PLA for the body and firing arm and NinjaFlex was used for the tentchen belt (If ninjaflex not available an elastic band with a little reworking could work). My favorite ammo (beside kitten treats) is the foil off chocolate eggs rolled into balls. We have also used small candies like smarties and MMs.

When I head about the new Filament NinjaFLex, I quickly got online and order a roll. We ohed and ah over it...well not the colour that we shrugged off... and on the shelf of filament it went.... and well sat. One day after it sat there for a few month, I decided that it was time to try out the NinjaFlex. Having no idea of want to print using NinjaFlex, once ago I turn to the internet to see want others were doing with the filament. All I found was Phone case and bands/jewellery, nothing I was interested in making. So Ninjaflex continued to sit as I turn draft up the Catapult. The first one I create used elastic bands for the firing, but then I thought NinjaFLex. So a quick redesign, and the elastic band was out and the Ninjaflex band was in. Not only did I find the use for the now dusty NinjaFlex, I not have a catapult create completely for my 3D Printer.

I have added the STL files needed to this page and a few of the model will need to be prints more than one copy. Note the models were creating using MM. This import went it come to print the 4 pegs as they are small and my printing software question the unit when I import it.

Step 1: Printing the Parts

You will need to print the follow parts in PLA

1- Base Right (the base piece with two part on the side)

1 -Base Left (with one part on the side)

2-Base Beam

1- Upper Cross Beam

2- V Beam

2- D Beam

1- Lever

1- Arm

1- Arm Lock

1- Cap

4- Pegs

2-E holder

Using NinjaFlex you need to print


Note that there are some support for better print on some the pieces, this will need to be removed:

Supports are as followed:

Arm Lock have four rectangle pieces at one end that need to be removed

Arm have supports along the front below baskets that need to be removed

Step 2: Assembing the Calapult: the Sides

Parts need:

Base right

Base Left

2- V beams

2 D beams

1) Locate the two holes on the Top of both the Beam Right and Left pieces.

2) Insert one of the V beam pieces into the hole at the middle of the top of the Base Left. Note: that one of the holes in the V beam doesn't go thought the beam should be facing forward or towards the second hone found the base left piece.

3) Inset the D beam into the forward facing hold in the V beam and into second hole found in the top of the base

4) Repeat with Right Beam

See Picture for alignment

Step 3: Assembing the Calapult: Base, Arm Lock and Upper Beam

Parts need:

Both Assembled Side parts

2- Base beams

Arm Lock

Upper Cross Beam

1) Insert the 2 base beam from the inside of Base Left thought the hole found on the side near the front and back

Note: Base Left has only one part on the side

Note: The inside of both base pieces are smooth

2) Insert the Upper beam in the remaining hole of the V beam, also from the inside direction.

3) Insert, from the inside, Arm lock's end without the slit in the round hole at the back of Base Left.

4) Insert the Right Base on the corresponding locations.

Step 4: Assembing the Calapult: Arm Lock

Parts need:

Assembled part of the catapult



1) Lever goes onto the right side of the Catapult onto the Arm lock. Make sure that Handle part is next to the base piece, so that the cache can lock and hold the Arm in the load position. The lever handle should also be up towards the top of the Base piece.

2) Cap does on the left side of the Catapult's arm lock. It might take a bit of a push to make sure that the Arm lock is held in place .

Step 5: Assembing the Calapult: Elastic and Arm

Parts needed:

Assembled part of the catapult



2- E holders

1) Get one of the E holders and slip onto one of the end loops on the elastic. It might take a bit of work to get the E-holder onto the elastic.

2) Push the other end of the Elastic, from the outside, thought the rectangle hole on the side of Base left.

3) Push the Elastic thought the rectangle hole in the side of the Arm piece.

Note: The basket part of the arm should be face upwards

4) Push the Elastic thought the Base Right, from inside out.

Note: Make should that the basket part arm is behind Upper Cross Beam before moving on to the next step

5)Slip the second of the E holders and slip it onto the second loop.

6) Tenchin the elastic by turning the both E holder towards the front of the Catapult.

Note: The Arm should be pushing itself towards the Upper cross Beam.

Step 6: Assembing the Calapult: Pegs

Parts needed:

Assembled part of the catapult

4- Pegs

1) Push the 4 pegs in to the 4 holes found at the ends of the Base Beams.

Step 7: Aim and Firing of the Catapult

Parts needed:

Assembled part of the catapult

1) Push the arm down until the loop on the back fits into the hock of the arm lock. Then pull the lever handle backwards until it locks.

2) Places the Ammo onto the basket. Line up your shoot.

Note: I use kitten treats or rolled up piece of tinfoil if I'm fighting with my brother.

3) Push the Lever handle forwards and yell "FIRE!!!!"

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