3D Printed Phone Holder

Introduction: 3D Printed Phone Holder

Here is a rough process of how I came up with my cell phone holder.

Step 1: Design Idea

First I came up with an idea that I wanted to make a phone holder that could be mounted to the wall and be eye level when I was in bed. Some of the design criteria is:

1. it had to be light and a simple design.

2. Had to be able to hold different phones.

3. Have to have a spot for the charging cord.

Step 2: Ideas

I found some ideas by looking on the internet and going to auto part stores because the would have something that I could possibly convert. I struck out and but took some design notes and went to the sketching board.

Step 3: 1st Design Idea

After sketching I used a 3D CAD software to draw out my idea. I made some design modifications along the way to increase stability and structure.

Step 4: 3D Printing

After finalizing my idea I made a set of prints and had some colleagues double check my ideas and measurements. Then I sent it off to the 3D printer. I left it to print over night, to come back and find out it ran out of filament half way through the build. That is why its two tone.

Step 5: Assembly

After another 8 hours of printing I had my model. I went down to the local hardware store and bought some 1/4-20 UNC truss head screws. Then after taping the threads into the plastic I screwed it together.

Step 6: Final Product

After screwing together I found out that you can't drill into the walls. so I found some double sided foam tape. stuck to the part then to the wall and held for a minute or two to insure adhesion.

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