4x4, All-terrain Electric Car




Introduction: 4x4, All-terrain Electric Car

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Step 1: To Start...


Recently, I made this electric car, which has 4 electric motors, one in each wheel. It has one blue LED in the back and rear suspension too. It has a lot of hard work behind it.


-I used a piece of wood from an Arduino car to make the chassis, (these, two wheels and one connector plate, they are the unique things taken from this Arduino car).

-One blue LED with its electric resistance.

-Two Mecano wheels and two Arduino car wheels.

-Two Lego technique suspensions and two Mecano pieces of metal to hold them.

-One connector plate from one Arduino car.

-One 9v battery with its connector.

-4 electric motors.

-2 terminal strips.

-Aluminium plate for the bodywork.



-Electric screwdriver.


-Glue gun.

-Scissors for metal.



-Welder with its tin.

Step 2: Chassis

-For the chassis I used an Arduino car chassis, but i cut with the saw the outstanding parts of the rear part.

-Then I hooked a connector plate in the chassis with a glue gun.

-In the other side I screwed the 4 motors in the same distance everyone from the others.

-Then with a plastic strip i hooked the battery and I connected the (9v) battery to the plate with a 9v battery connector, in the cable i put a switch.

-Then I connected each motor to the plate.

Step 3: LED

-I screwed two terminal strips at the rear part.

-Then, in the outside part, I put one LED and in the other I put the cable.

-In the positive part I weld one electric resistance.

-With the Multimeter I checked that all the electrical circuit was perfect.

Step 4: Suspension

-I screwed two metal pieces from a Mecano toy (with the electric screwdriver) to hold the Lego technique toy suspensions.

-Then, I screwed the suspensions to the metal pieces.

-Later, with the glue gun, I hooked two metal axes to the rear wheels, since they do not fit me directly to the electric motor.

-Finally I put the axes through the hole of the suspensions.

Step 5: Bodywork and Final Things

-I put two wheels in the front part that luckily they fitted perfectly.

-Then, using the metal scissors I cut the bodywork in 2D, in an aluminium plate.

-Later, with pliers I made the bodywork in 3D. -Finally, I put the bodywork with a plastic strip.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    That's a fun car build, I'd love to see a video of it in action! :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    I have already uploaded the video of the car you asked for, enjoy it! :P