5 Minute Pool Sub


Introduction: 5 Minute Pool Sub

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taking a dip in the pool then you can make a pool sub in about 5 minute's time it uses a sugar cube with a penny or dime on it. to make it dive and when the surgar cube melts it rises

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Step 1: Things Needed to Build

scissors or exacto
sugar cube
penny ,dime or washer (experment)
thin plastic sheet
hot glue gun and stick (yes i know the coldheat soldering iron sucks but the hot glue gun rocks

Step 2: Draw the Design

draw to triangles with a permanent marker (see picture)

Step 3: Cut It Out

you know how to do this

Step 4: Glue It

take the to triangles and put glue down the center on one and then attach them into a point

Step 5: Now for the Mechanics

glue the sugar cube close to the tip of the sub and glue a you chosen weight to it as shown

Step 6: Colour It (optinal But Fun)

i drew super sub on mine

Step 7: Its Now Ready for the Pool

pop it in the pool and watch it dive and come back up if it doesn't come back up add a little foam you can also racre to see whos comes up first



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    Doesn't seem like your Instructables are very good quality either ,no pictures on most. was that a sarcastic comment no capital' s, punctuation spelled wrong .how old are you

    it be cool to do somthing like led throwies and take 100 of these and throw them into a lake and a few minutes later they all pop up

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    im not sure how to take them cause i dont have a water proof digital camera

    cool it was featured on a website called dailydiy and thanks for the comment

    i did to charlies experments they still play it on discovery kids though they havent made any new ones. i wish the website was working i rember they showed you how to build a rocket

    i saw this a long time ago on an old show called popular mechanics for kids i never did try it though good instructable