30 Sneaky Places and Compartments to Hide Your Money (and Other Items!)




Hello and welcome to my first Instructable! This Instructable is a collection of ideas of great places to hide secret stashes of money and other items (money, candy, keys, etc.)

First, I would advise that you keep a little notepad or notebook containing all the places where you hide your money. To keep it secure from prying eyes, I would suggest you use a code. I great code I would suggest is this: First, think of a secret word, use your name perhaps. My name is Velin. We'll use that as the secret word. Then, say you want to encrypt a phrase such as: "Inside the pen". To encrypt it using the secret word, we take the difference in between each consecutive letter of the secret word and each consecutive letter of the phrase.

Also, of course, the longer the secret word, the further encrypted and harder to break the code is.

So it would be:
V | E / L/ I / N / V / E / L / I / N / V / E <---- Secret Word
I | N / S / I / D / E / T / H / E / P / E / N <----Phrase we want to encrypt
-13/+9/+7/0/-10/-17/+15/-4/-4/+2 /-17/+9 <-----Final Code

Without the secret word, they will not be able to decode your top secret info!
This isn't really a hiding place for money, but it can be used to keep things hidden and secure, but at the same time giving you access to your things. So I guess this counts as a bonus.

Step 1: Place #1 Under the Drawer

For this, you will need an index card or something similar, some regular tape, and of course the amount of money you need to hide. First, place 2 pieces or tape parallel to each other on one side of the index card. Then, stick the whole thing to the bottom of the drawer, where it will be hidden from view. Then just slip a few bills into the little pocket, and it will be out of sight!

Step 2: Place #2 Behind the Clock

This one is pretty straight-forward. You fold the bill into eighths and stick it in between the plastic on the sides. This may depend on the clock you use. However, be careful. Someone adjusting the clock for daylight saving or changing the battery can get a nice surprise. Make sure you are the first one to do those things.

Step 3: Place #3 Under the Lamp

Pretty self-explanatory, put your bills under the tall lamp in the corner of the room.
No one will ever think to check under there!

Step 4: Place #4 Under the Bottom Edge of the Door

For this you will just need some regular scotch tape. Fold your bill into quarters lengthwise, and stick a long piece of tape along it lengthwise. Then, you simply tape it under the door and make sure nothing is visible, from all angles. Also you should try to make it as flat as possible.

Step 5: Place #5: Inside of a Flashlight

Again, pretty self explanatory, wrap a bill around the battery and screw back on. Proceed to use flashlight normally.

Step 6: Place #6: Inside of a Pen

Open up the pen and take out the tube of ink. Carefully and tightly roll the dollar bill around the tube, but don't hinder the spring mechanism. Then re-insert the whole thing back inside of the pen and proceed to use secret pen normally. Make sure no one else uses it though!

Step 7: Place #7: Ironing Board 1

Pretty simple yet very sneaky! Just place the dollar bill under the ironing board cover and it will be completely concealed!

The next step has to do with an ironing board as well.

Step 8: Place #8 Ironing Board 2

Ok this one may not be so good but here you go anyways. You cram the dollar bill into the crevice at the bottom of the legs of the ironing board. However it does conceal well and it is not an expected place to hide money, which is why I included it.

Step 9: Place #9: Inside of a Nerf Gun

There are 2 places where you could hide money in a Nerf gun.One would be to unscrew the whole thing apart and put it somewhere inside, but the easier way would be to just roll it up into a tube and stick it in one of the barrels.

Step 10: Place #10: Under the Pad of a Sneaker

Inside of almost every shoe is a pad to cushion your foot. This creates a secret compartment to put some belongings in. Just simply take out the pad, put any flat items (money, card) and re insert into the shoe. This will keep valuable items with you at all times.

Step 11: Place #11 in the Shaft of a Fan

Place item in the vertical shaft of a fan and it will be hidden from view.

Step 12: Place #12 Inside of an Opaque Pill Bottle

If you have an empty pill or medicine bottle that is not see through, you can re use it a secret safe. Also, If you have one, use a bottle with a label that no one wants to pick up thinking to use it, like a laxative bottle. LOL

Step 13: Place #13: in a Small Box

Again, similar to the step before. Place money inside of a box that no one would care to pick up, like a box of laxative suppositories! : )

Step 14: Place #14 Inside of a Wall Compartment.

If you have one of these cable TV outlets on the wall that you don't use, you can unscrew one of them out of the wall, and place a piece of tightly fitting cardboard inside so it doesn't fall down into the wall. You can now re screw the cover back on and you have a helpful secret compartment!


Step 15: Place #15: Inside of a Vase

Simple yet sneaky. Just put your stuff inside of the vase and no one will come emptying it out. As long as you put some plastic flowers inside no one will touch it.

Step 16: Place #16: a Place on Your Computer to Hide Passwords

First, go onto "My Computer" Click on it and a few files will come up.

Then, Click on "Program Files x86" A long list of programs that you have installed will show up.

Then, click on a program file such as say, Adobe. You will find a few files at the bottom that say "Read me" (no one really reads those anyways) Open one up one of them with NotePad and remember which one it is,

Then, just scroll down to the bottom and start typing your top secret passwords. Make sure you then click save. They will be there when you find them again.

**NOTE: To save, it will ask for Administrator permission. To get around this, right click the file "Readme" and go down to properties. A window will pop up. Go to the security tab and click edit to change permissions. Then just give "User" full control over the file. Now you will be able to save without problems.

Step 17: Place #17: Inside of an Old Home Phone(Handset)

Just open the cover of the battery casing, and place a dollar bill onto the battery. Then just put the cover back on and you're good to go.

Step 18: Place #18: Inside an Old Home Phone(Base)

A little complicated, involves taking apart a telephone(carefully). Unscrew any screws that hold it together and put them aside, careful not to lose any. Open it and find an open space inside of it where you can place your item. once you have placed it inside, screw everything back together and re assemble.

Step 19: Place #19: Under the TV

Another simple one. Just place a dollar bill under your TV and it will be hidden from sight.

Step 20: Place #20: Behind Picture in a Picture in a Frame

Just put a flat, not folded dollar bill in between the picture and the back cover. Then re-assemble frame and hang on the wall.

Step 21: Place #21: Inside an Old Video-cassete

On the top right side of every cassette there is a small button where if you push it, it will open the top edge of the cassette, which allows you to hide money. Also if you want to you could always open up the entire thing, unscrew the bolts and then hide it in the cassette, but the other way is faster and easier

NOTE: This may or may not damage the cassette, take caution and don't blame me if you ruin your footage.

Step 22: Place #22: Inside a Printer

Open the front casing of the printer like you're trying to change the ink. Then just pop in your item(s) and it will be hidden.

Step 23: Place #23: Under the CDs in a CD Case.

Put a bill at the bottom of the CDs in a CD case, it will be completely covered.

Step 24: Place #24: Inside of a Calculator

Unscrew the back of the calculator and just put the money inside, and then re-screw cover back in place.

Step 25: Place #25: Inside an Old Cassette Case

Simply place dollar bill in between cassette and label card. Then store away back in that dusty old drawer. Since these are outdated, no one will probably even touch them.

Step 26: Place #26: Under the Toothbrush Ledge.

Carefully tape your dollar bill under the toothbrush ledge in the bathroom. Make sure nothing is sticking out and/or visible from all angles.

Step 27: Place #27: Inside a Cassette Player

Again with the whole outdated thing. Place your money inside of the compartment where you would put a cassette tape. Very likely no one will suspect.

Step 28: Place #28: Inside the Curtain Hem

At the top or bottom (preferably top) of curtains there is a small strip where the fabric was folded over, which makes a small pocket. Fold the bill into eighths and insert into the pocket. Perfect place to conceal money!

Step 29: Place 29: in the Air Vent

Very simple. Just slide the dollar bill in behind the vent cover until it is completely hidden from view. You may need to unscrew a bolt to get it in there.

Step 30: Place #30: Secret Tissue Box Compartment Under the Table (FINAL)

This is the last one for now. It can be used as a compartment to hide many items at once.

You basically just tape an empty tissue box to the underside of a table securely. As long as there's a table cloth on top it will be covered and hidden, and you can hide many things in there at once, like money, candy, valuables, etc. It can, however, be easily discovered by children crawling around so take necessary caution.

Well that was 30 secret places and compartments to hide various items. I hope some of these will be useful to you.

Don't forget to vote for my project in the Secret Compartments and Doors Contest! It will be greatly appreciated!

Put your ideas in the comments section!

BTW This was my first Instructable!

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22 Discussions


1 year ago on Step 19

But, for the expensive stuff like the television, wouldn't that be stupid? What if you get robbed?


1 year ago

I ended up hiding it under neath the light on a ceiling fan!It worked great.


1 year ago

Take it from a guy who manages to always acciently steal a pen, don't hide money in a pen. ;)


1 year ago

My bank just cleaned out my account, where I kept my rainy day fund for over 5 years, and sent all my money to the State of Texas as 'lost property.' So no you can't keep money in the bank unless you constantly withdraw funds at least once every couple of years, which is the opposite of 'savings.'


2 years ago

I just hide it in my tampon box :)


2 years ago

You also need to be smart about where you hide the money. He related one time a person had left wads of money inside the empty battery areas of electronics around the house. The problem was that although he had not found the hidden money at first, the electronics themselves were worth money and he took those to sell. Only when he got home and was checking that everything worked did he find the hidden cash. The person hid the money well, but not in a good place.


3 years ago

I put my money in a ziplock bag, then put it in the toilet tank. it assures i have privacy when i go to retrieve my money and luckily for me, no one in my house will ever go in there. :)


3 years ago

All you need for this is an empty pill jar, a small shovel, a hot glue gun, and a rock about the size of ur hand:

Unscrew the top of the jar and hot glue gun the rock to the cap, let it dry.

Then, dig a small hole in a park, or anywhere u can dig a small hole the size on the pill jar.

Screw the cap back on (with the rock glued to it) and put money, or keys in it, and place it inside the hole, do NOT FORGET WHERE YOU PUT IT!!


3 years ago

I would put it in a small cloth bag in my pillow with a lil slice in the pillow so noone will find it


3 years ago on Step 23

The CD's could also be glued together and hollowed. More effort for a safe but provides more room.


3 years ago on Step 21

Oh my, people still actually have these?


Reply 4 years ago

Nah, burglars over here, go for cash and jewellery if you not home and car keys if you are asleep


3 years ago on Step 5

I would be cautious about doing this in old flashlights. I'm sure the money wouldn't be in good shape if the battery corrupted.


4 years ago

I think you are much better putting it all in one place. But some good ideas


5 years ago on Introduction

What if you don't tell your significant other and they 'spring clean' and give away some items, not knowing there's money in them? OOPS!!


5 years ago

or in safe ??? or the best way to keep your money in socs :DDD


5 years ago

Love the ideas. The Nerf gun..... Kids find it, they'll be happy!! Lol! I'd make sure if you do hide a bunch of money, that if something bad happens to you..... Hospitalized, death... Whatever..... That you leave instructions to your loved ones telling them where the money is. Or at least telling them NOT to yard sale everything!! Just becareful! My ex hid money in his jacket & after we split, I found it! Cha-Ching for me!!