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About: I am fascinated by inventions and by do-it-yourself. I share with you to find other passionate people.I have hundreds of projects in head but before continuing, I wish to know if my projects please

Hello to all, I present you my 4th very powerful electric skateboard, 1000w of power,I can push a person in bike with, 50 kph of top speed, 30km of autonomy, a truck before very handy.

Electrically, it is of the plug and play It is of the equipment of model making. This skateboard is very funny and reliable. I am a french maker and I hope that that will please you.

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Step 1: Purchase of the Equipment

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5045-500kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

Esc controller : FVT Wolf 2-6s LiPo Batterie 120A Pro A imperméable Car Speed Controller ESC BEC

Battery : Multistar High Capacity 6S 10000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack

Remote : Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System

A longboard of your choice

charger : digital charger ap6 pro tronic and his supply

motor pulley:21 t5 10 teeth

wheel pulley:21 t5 36 teeth

belt: t5 245mm 3715 10mm

steel plate for battery box: 500x500x1,5 (mm)

steel plate for ventilator 50x50x0.5 (mm)

screw has wood (short)

steel screw

2 bearing of longboard

Step 2: Manufacture and Assembly

1 Drill the pulley of the engine in 6mm. Use a lathe. Drill and tap the side of the pulley to place a screw without head there anti rotation. Make a dish with a grinder on the axis of the engine to fix the small pulley

2 Make a ring with a lathe Then drill and tap to fix the plate to the truck

3 To drill with a lathe the big pulley and to drill there 3, to screw it on the wheel with screws has wood

4 To make a plate to fix the engine to the truck and position the engine of way has to have the tense belt. Use one screw of 8mm and 2 bearing of skateboard to tense the belt .

5 To make one steel battery box with a grinder and a welding machine big enought to put the battery, foam of protection and the radio receiver. Make a door on hinge to reach the battery and load it. To weld slices there to fix it with screws has wood .

6 Fix the esc with a wide collring ands crews has wood outside the box for the cooling

7 To make a ventilator in a plate of steel 0.5 mm in thickness of the shape of the engine, it comes to settle behind the engine with 3 screw. In turning point, makes the air circulate. This ventilator is very important for cooling the engine, otherwise, it risks to burn out

Step 3: TEST

The speed max is terrible, I run on average is 30 kph, but if I want to make the race, I accelerate and the adrenalin rises. I go as fast as cars in town. The board is big and high, wheels are big thus the board is stable and comfortable for the speed and the damaged roads, it's perfect.

The handiness of the truck before of origin was not enought raised, me the ais gift was replaced by handier one more rare.

I am not a skateboarder but to master an electric skateboard is easy because we do not put the foot on the ground and the acceleration is soft.

The engine warmed a little too much, thus I added a ventilator, it is essential, otherwise the engine roasts and the controller also.

No programming, no regulation, everything is simple

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10 Discussions


1 year ago

Does the fact that just one wheel is connected to the engine make the board unstable or rolling not straight ? Thanks


2 years ago

your telling me you didn't even program the esc?


2 years ago

can I use a 1000kv motor??


2 years ago

Do you sell these from a business or out of your home?

1 reply
Marc GyverGitano34

Reply 2 years ago

No, it is not my business, only a passion. On the other hand, I built an identical for a friend.

Marc Gyverjean12359

Reply 2 years ago

yes, there is an electric brake, a reverse gear because it is an esc of rc car. In descent,no problem. Furthermore, the braking is soft.

Very cool. At that speed, I could actually use it to get to work in the morning.