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UPDATE: i added some picture of a 5 kegs vertical garden

Just a simple instructables for reuse 5l beer mini kegs as flower or vegetables planters.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is

a 5l keg beer container

a grinder

some expanded clay

a piece of felt to sew a sack

spray paint

your favorite flower/plant/vegetable

Step 2: Grind

I think that the best way to open the top is by means of a grinder instead of can opener, because in this way you preserve the edge of the keg, without any sharp points.

Just grind few millimeters until you see the perimeter joint line on the top (see picture) and after, pressing firmly in the center, the top will come off

Step 3: Paint

After covering the top and bottom edges with paper tape, spray paint with your favorite colors.

Step 4: Plant

fill the bottom with expanded clay up to the height of the faucet, then lay the bag of felt into which we put the plant with soil.
The expanded clay will create a drainage (excess water may exit from the valve hole) and the felt will prevent the mixing of soil with the clay.

Step 5: Finish

I reused the cover too as a candle holder...

You can build an hanging hydroponic-like garden by connecting more planter with pieces of rubber hoses and adding a little aquarium type pump for recirculation.

Step 6: UPTATE: Go Vertical

I decided to realize the sketchup model that i've posted within this instructable, installing it in my grandmother garden. Could also be installed in the porch or indoor in the kitchen for vegetable growing.

What you need:

- Metal wire (i used the laundry one because is coated with translucent rubber)

- 4 U shaped clamp

- 2 T shaped plates each planter

- A little water pump. I used a submersible one but i think a little 12v from a car would work better (can be installed on the faucet hole outside the lower planter)

- Some meters of transparent rubber hose for connecting the pump and each keg.

- Drill

- Riveter

- Cable ties

Step 7: Assembling

I think this type of keg are ideal for plant/vegetable growing because are light, have enough space for soil and drain and the faucet hole is not positioned on the bottom, and so every planter have a little built-in water reservoir that keep the right moisture in the soil. With a little pv panel, timer and battery you can build a self sufficient hydroponic system (you have only to add water)..

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    2 years ago

    Now were talking!! This is exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome paint job, I never would have thought about that! And I specially love that hydroponic-garden-style structure, this sounds like a great herb factory in the kitchen! ;)

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, bricobart. I posted an update to my instructable that i think interest you! ;)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent keg reuse. I love the colors!

    The photo in step one of the finished keg planters would be a great main image for the intro, if you felt so inclined to switch them around. Might help you grab a few more clicks! Just a tip ;)

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