$6 - 2 Hour Quilt




A quilt that you can make in under two hours with three things you can get from the thrift store. Makes a soft and very warm quilt. The hard part of this project is just going to the store and locating the parts. You need a top sheet, which doesn't have to be pretty, but a lot of times is. You can find a quilt 'top' ($2) that has already been pieced together, but given up for adoption by someone that maybe already had too many pending sewing projects. You also improve your sewing karma by completing someone else's abandoned quilting project. Once you have a quilt top, you are home free. You can buy any old scraggly wool blanket ($3) for the insides. I like the ones that you see people with at the football games when the hometown team makes it to the regional playoffs in December. This quilt is great for those allergic to wool, because you get all the warmth of the wool without having to touch it. The third component is just a simple sheet ($1) for the underside.

Step 1: Lay Materials on Top of Each Other

Lay out in this sequence:

Top Sheet
Wool Blanket
Bottom Sheet

Cut the sheets to be the right size and then remove the "Bottom Layer" i.e. The layer that will be next to your body.

Then fold over the edges of the top sheet and sew with a fairly heavy duty needle and quilting thread.

Step 2: Add the Bottom

Lay out the bottom layer and pin it into place. Then sew, adding whatever quilting stitches you deem necessary to keep your quilt together. Since you are not using batting, you don't have to worry about it clumping or migrating to the ends/corners of your quilt. The wool blanket inside keeps it's location quite well.



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    you could make one for a low cost with old shirts(jeans, dresses,whatever suits your fancy) for free and quickly if you just do nine patch(i'm self thought may not be correct term but it looks like this : please excuse the crappyness of my drawing

    Photo on 2012-02-25 at 14.58.jpg

    i actually bought one of these today at the thrift store it was an old he-man sheet turned quilt it is my favorite thrift store find now i can make my own. With my old star bright sheets. awsome .i bought the quilt to see if i could figure it out then i decided to look here. Thanks alot maybe ill give he-man to my brother

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    kansas kate

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I always seem to be the one who can make anything more difficult than it has to be. Very cool project you have, schmeese! I always admire those who know how to take a project and KISS! Thanks!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    how ingenious that is a wonderful concept and can be made with little or no difficulty, thanks


    11 years ago on Introduction

    wow step 1's picture is a optical allusion look at random spots on the first pic, you see black dots flash all over the place tripy! good Instructable too