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Introduction: 6 String Crafts

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Ever had a ball of yarn, roll of wires, packs of ropes, or other strings you had laying around and wondered, "What could I do with them?"

If so, you've found the right instructable for it! In my instructable, I will teach 6 different craft ideas. Each craft idea has at least two different creative ideas you can use to personalize your creation.

Your imagination is your limit! Enjoy~!

ps. I tried making my whole istructable using my computer (I used the application Keynote, which is originally a slideshow/powerpoint creating software). I hope it's still clear and easy to understand! ^^

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Step 1: Skill 1 = Making Bracelets

There are a million different ways to make bracelets with strings. In the image, you can see 2 different ways to make basic bracelets (Photos 1 & 2), and two ideas to help get your creative juices flowing (Photos 3 & 4).

Type 1: Double Chain Knot Bracelet (Photo 1)

This bracelet requires two strings, which you weave together as drawn in Photo 1. It creates a relatively round bracelet, and I would personally recommend making every loop very tight (it creates a better texture).

Type 2: Triple Chain Knot Bracelet (Photo 2)

This bracelet requires two strings, although the center string (colored orange in the photo) is not visible (if done correctly). The strings are woven together as drawn in Photo 2. This bracelet can create a wider bracelet, and I recommend making every loop very tight for better texture and to prevent the center string from showing. Since the center string doesn't show, I'd even suggest using a color you don't like - you wouldn't be wasting then. You could also replace the center string with a wire to make the bracelet malleable.

Creative Idea 1: Have a ring-type pendant (Photo 3)

If you start your bracelet on two ends of a ring-shaped pendant and tie it in the center on the other side (as drawn in Photo 3), you could have a nice ring pendant in the center of your bracelet!

Creative Idea 2: Add pendants on your bracelet (Photo 4)

Instead of having one main pendant, you could 'sneak in' many pendants or beads in the bracelet as you make it!

Step 2: Skill 2 = Nail/Pin String Art

This is where you get nails or pins on a wall, or canvas (wood, concrete, cloth, etc.) to make letters, pictures, or abstract geometric patterns. If you want to make the pins show a word or image, I recommend using a projector to project the image onto your canvas to get the pins in the accurate locations. Take note that more pins = more lines = more detail = more string.

When doing this form of decoration, there are two main options, as explained below

Option 1: Fill in the subject (Photos 1, 2 and 3)

In this style, you have the strings entwined within the subject (letter or image) so that the string shows the subject.

Option 2: Negative Art (Photos A, B, and C)

In this style, you have to put pins around the subject (in my example, I put a circle around the letter). Then, you entwine the strings between the subject and the outline so that the subject itself shows only the canvas. This option will require more materials (pins, string, time) compared to Option 1.

Step 3: Skill 3 = Glue + String

Using normal white glue and strings, you can make multiple types of decoration or other useful products! It's simple to make, making it a great project for kids, but is still very decorative!

The preparation for this project is always the same.

Step 1: Prepare a small bowl and pour plain white glue (liquid) into the bowl.

Step 2: Run your string through the glue and wrap around it a balloon as you go.

Step 3: Wait for the glue to dry

Step 4: Pop the balloon and remove all plastic pieces

Step 5: Display your artwork and enjoy!

There are many possible products to this project, as visible in the photo. You could make a decoration bowl, a cup coaster, a pen holder, a decoration holder, or a dim lighting lamp shade.

Creative Idea 1: Use different stings
By using strings of different thicknesses, materials, and colors, you could vary the outcome! Don't be afraid to even try mixing the strings!

Creative Idea 2: Use different balloons
You can easily find multiple types of balloons at a market. Try a long shape, a fat shape, a heart shape, or something else strange! You can also inflate balloons to different amounts to vary the size of your products

Creative Idea 3: Try using something new
In this project, I recommended using balloons because they are easiest to remove after the glue dries. But for things like the coaster or bowl, it could be easier to use a plate or ceramic bowl (covered in a plastic bag) instead.

Step 4: Skill 4 = Pom Poms

Using construction paper and some string, one can easily make fun and decorative pom poms. It's simple to make, fun to play with, therefore yet another great craft project for kids!

*note: the step number matches the image number above*

Step 1: Cut out two doughnut rings from cardboard paper (circles with circular holes inside)


• The cardboard paper can be replaced with anything that is stiff and can be cut using scissors

• The cardboard paper will later be cut off the pom pom, so don't worry about the aesthetics of the paper

• Cut the rings so that the radius of the large circle is three times the radius of the small circle

• Take note that the size of this ring will determine the size of the pom pom. The pom pom is usually a little smaller than the size of the paper ring.

Step 2: Layer the paper doughnut rings on top of each other and wrap it with a string of your choice

Tip: I recommend wrapping it as tightly as possible for a fluffier pom pom

Step 3: Continue until the center hole is too small and you can't get the string through the hole any more.

Step 4: Cut the side of the string-covered rings so that all the strings are split apart.

Explanation: Basically, the idea is to cut all the string following the edge of the paper rings so that you can see the paper ring. Cut all the way around the ring. After this step is completed, it should look like a bunch of short pieces of string in the center hole of the paper rings.

Step 5: Take another piece of string (usually the same string as used in steps 2 and 3) and tie a knot between the two pieces of cardboard paper

Explanation: Basically, you take the rings and split them apart so you can see between the two cardboard rings. Then, you take the final piece of string and place it between the two rings and tie a knot. At first, it should look like a haystack that has been tied in the center.

Step 6: Cut off the cardboard rings and gently ruffle the pom pom so that it becomes a fluffy ball of strings!

Creative Idea #1: Use different colored strings

By using strings of different colors, you could make many different types of pom poms! Also, don't be afraid to try mixing the colors in one pom pom! With practice and planning, you could even make specific colors go in specific areas to make specialized pom poms, like strawberry pom poms, soccer ball/football pom poms, and more!

Creative Idea #2: Use different types of strings

Although I've only ever tried this with wool, it should be fine to try with other types of strings! (If you do try, please show me! I'm curious to see the results! ^^)

Step 5: Skill 5 = Dream Catchers

Using a ring of any size or material and some string, one can easily make a fun yet beautiful craft!

*note: the step number matches the image number above*

Step 1: Prepare the materials. For this, you will need a ring (this is the body of your dream catcher) and some string (I recommend two different types: one flat and wide and the other round and thin, but it's up to you). You may also chose to have some feathers and beads for decoration.

Step 2: Wrap the ring around with one type of string. (Here I'd recommend using the flat and wide string)

Step 3: Tie the round string on the ring and wrap it around the ring as shown. You'd have more 'ties' on the ring as the size of the ring increases. (Generally, I believe that more 'ties' makes a more sophisticated ring, but that's just personal preference)

Step 4: Tie the string on the center of one of the 'ties' and continue doing the same around the ring. Pull the string slightly so that the lines are curved. (By pulling more on one side than the other, you could alter the center hole of the dream catcher so that it lays on the side)

Step 5: Continue the previous step till you have no more room to make more 'ties'

Step 6: [Optional] Tie on feathers and beads for extra decoration.

Creative Idea #1: Use different strings

By using different colors and textures/types of string, you could make many dream catchers of different auras and aesthetics! You could even try making it using thin wires and making it into a jewelry! (If you do try, please show me! I'm curious to see the results! ^^)

Creative Idea #2: More decoration

By using more beads and/or feathers in the weaving of the dream catcher, you could make the final product better decorated and complete, therefore making it more aesthetically pleasing. Don't be afraid to go wild!

Step 6: Skill 6 = DIY Vases/bottles

Using a bottle of any size and material and some string, one can easily make a beautiful, personalized bottle to use as a pen holder, stationary cup or a flower vase!

*note: the step number matches the image number above*

Step 1: Collect the needed materials. You will need only the bottle and string to go through steps 1, 2 and 3,
and will also need some paint (and some newspaper if you want to cover your work-space) to go through steps A, B, and C.

Step 2: Begin wrapping the string over the bottle. Ensure that the starting tip gets tucked in with a layer of strings so that it does not become loose later on.

Step 3: Complete wrapping the string over the bottle, tucking the end of the string, and pull tight. Then cut off the remaining parts of the string, leaving a little as extra that it does not become loose later on. You may wish to use some glue to keep the tip flat on the bottle's surface. This can be the completed product if you desire.

Step A: If you wish to paint the exterior of your bottle and leave only the part with the string clean (without paint), then paint over the string-covered bottle using the desired color.

Step B: Wait for the paint to completely dry. This may take a few hours depending on the type of paint and the thickness of the coating of paint you use.

Step C: After the paint has completely dried, peel (or use a knife to safely cut) off the string. Be careful to not scratch the surface of the bottle if you chose to cut it off.


1. When wrapping the string around the bottle, you may want to let the string wrap around in a less orderly way so that it looks more natural (but it's really just a personal preference).

2. If you wish to use the bottle as a vase, ensure that the materials you are using is waterproof. This is especially if you choose to paint the exterior of the bottle.

3.When peeling the string off the bottle, be careful to not let all of the paint near the string also chip away. You may want to use a knife to lightly scratch over the line you want the paint to peel off so that you can control the paint coming off the bottle.

Creative Idea #1: Use different strings
By using different colors and textures/types of string, you could make many bottles of different themes and aesthetics!

Creative Idea #2: Use different paint... and mix it up!

By using different colors and types of paint, you could create various different types of vases. Your imagination is your limit! Go wild, and show yourself through your creations! ^^

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