A DIY Milk Jug Snow Owl




This is a pretty easy project I made ONLY from recyclable stuff!

Look in the trash! Maybe all you need is already there?! :D

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Step 1: Find Your Materials

For this project, you need an empty 1-gallon milk jug, 2 black plastic bottle caps, 2 jar lids, 4-5 sheets of thick paper, Elmers glue (not shown), hot glue gun (not shown), 2 plastic forks, boiling water (not shown),white and black paint+ a paintbrush (not shown).

Do not forget you might have to have more supplies if you mess up or run out!

Step 2: Paint Your Jug (Base)

Before painting, you might want to rip off the sticker on the jug. Blowing hot air from a hair dryer onto the sticker might help with that.

Take a lot of white paint mix it with some glue. The glue will help the paint stick to the jug better.

Anyways, get a BIG brush and start painting from top to bottom (in vertical strokes). Do not start on the handle, because you will hold on it while painting everything else. When the other part of the jug is dry, paint the handle. Feel free to paint a second layer if you wish.

Step 3: Paint Your Jug (Detail)

Get some black or dark grey paint and get a thin paintbrush. Now go ahead and start painting the feather detail.

Step 4: Make the Beak

Take a piece of thick paper cut out a small, but long triangle about the width of the handle of the jug.

After, paint it black. You can paint the other side if you wish.

Step 5: Make the Eyes

Take a bottle cap, paint it black and hot-glue it (bottle top down) to the middle of the inside of the jar lid, which you should paint black on the outside, white on the inside. Next, take a piece of paper and cut a circle the size of the inside of a bottle cap. Afterwards, cut a hole in the circle. Color the piece of paper yellow, then squiggle orange around the hole.Glue the circle to the bottle cap.

Repeat the same to the other eye.

Step 6: Make the Head and Wings

Get a piece of thick paper and cut out a square (6'') and paint feather details with black paint. After, cut out 2 identical wings and color it with feather details. Repeat with other wing.

Step 7: Make the Paws

If you are under 12 years old or you cannot handle hot water properly, please do not do this without the help of an adult.

Ok, this might be tricky. In this step will be using hot water. So be careful!

Anyways, boil some water. Pour it into a cup, dip into boiling water and press against the bottom of the cup. The fork will bend at the connection place (connects the handle of the fork and the tines, shown in the third picture) about 90 degrees. . When it does, quickly take it out and let the water drip off.

Step 8: Connect Everything

This is the hardest part. Cut off the top part of the jug. (shown in picture) It is possible with normal scissors!

Take a hot glue gun and glue EVERYTHING (except the paws)to its place! Start with the eyes and beak, then end with the wings and head.

For the paws, poke 2 horizontal holes with scissors and stick the forks in them.

Step 9: Done!


Watch the video for video instructions.


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3 years ago

I'm going to make 1 or 2 of these to hang under my carport to keep the birds from building in the trusses!

1 reply

Reply 27 days ago

Great idea! I need to put at least one up on my front porch!


27 days ago on Step 7

Leeza, You made good pictures and instructions! I like it that the pictures are large enough to see what should take place. I think it would be a good idea to change the word "Paws" (in several places) to "Claws". Birds have claws and since the owl is a bird, it would be a good thing to teach the children the correct term. Hope you think so, too! Good job!


3 years ago

I love owls! Cute :)

Paige Russell

3 years ago

This is such a great project! Nice work LeezaB. I look forward to seeing what you make next!


3 years ago

this is simply adorable! Thank you for sharing!


Reply 3 years ago

What do you mean by "camera glitches"? All I am trying to do is to make everything better!


3 years ago

Wow nice! I know someone who would love this!


3 years ago

Good Job Liza!


3 years ago

Very cool! Nice job