A Feeling Game

Introduction: A Feeling Game

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Step 1: Drawing

Draw 6 square boxes on a piece off cardboard

Step 2: U Well Need

A sharpie marker scissors a plastick square and some spare time + more important couloirs tape

Step 3: Draw

Trace the square like this

Step 4: That's

How its going too turn out now draw 6 more

Step 5: 6 Squres

Ur done with the drawing

Step 6: Now Cut

Cut it

Step 7: Cut

Cut the square not exactly traced but allitle bit fater so u can cut it eisier

Step 8: Exactly

Now cut it right on the traced line

Step 9: -


Step 10: One

Take one

Step 11: Now

We're going to form a cube out off the squair cardboard cut outs

Step 12: L

Put the tape ther quickly so it won't fall apart

Step 13: M

Now we're going too feel the 2 pieces with tape

Step 14: Draw

Take one of ur squers pieces and draw a small circle

Step 15: Cut

Now cut the circle

Step 16: And Keep on Taping the Othe Piece


Step 17: Now

Make 2 pieces like the first time and stick them together

Step 18: Like


Step 19: Now Put One of the S

Seperaded pieces like in the next step

Step 20: Just Kinda

Squezz it in ther

Step 21: And Then

Tape it up

Step 22: And

Tape it up from the inside todo it wheel hold

Step 23: Now

Squeez the other piece in

Step 24: Now Tape It UP

And cut the hole again soo. So u halftime too find something that would fit in ther. Now cut the other sides with a razor on the sides and on the bottom so u can open and close it stick a pice of tape so it can stick and ur done

Step 25: UR


Step 26: UR Good

To plaY

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