A Homemade Router Table




I found myself in need of a router table a while back and rather than spend the money for this kind of one time deal I made one.
      The router I used was an old Craftsman of my father's and I bought a router table adapter plat for Craftsman routers for around $10 (USD) an followed the instructions for drilling the screw holes and centering the router. I did however countersink the retaining screw heads into the plate so that the work surface was flush.
      For the table I had an old table top from some small dresser lying around waiting to be burned and simply cut a hole in the middle slightly smaller than the adapter plate's outer edge and bigger than the router's diameter. I then traced the adapter plate over the newly cut hole, set the router's depth to the thickness of the plate, and routered a rabbit for the plate to sit flush with the table surface.
     For table legs I simple propped the board across some saw horses and let the router hang from the adapter plate. A pair of C clamps and a scrap peice of wood worked as a fence and it worked extremely well for my project and after I was done the wood went right back into the burn pile...

    As always comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking.



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7 years ago on Introduction

I made something just like this but for different reason. since most of my work is done on the job tools all have to fit into the truck. therefore a flat board takes up almost no space, as opposed to the regular router table. then of course with folding saw horses, i'm ready to go. If I get around to making a new one, I plan to cover it with formica for a nice slick hard surface.


8 years ago on Introduction

Very nice. I purchased a router lift (adjustable depth plate) a while back and have been stalling in the construction of a table to mount it in. I think I know what I'm going to do this weekend... thanks!