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Introduction: Batman Wall Light!

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I needed to make a lampshade for a light in my room that was too bright. Being a huge fan of superheroes and especially of Batman I decided it would be the most appropriate, effective and cool lampshade. In the end I am pretty satisfied with how it came up.

Step 1: Parts Needed...

Here are the parts and tools that are required for this project :

  • Carboard
  • Spray paint (black would be the best)
  • Led lights or led strips (the stuff you would hang on Christmas trees)
  • The template of the batman logo (found in next step)
  • paper


  • X-actor knife
  • Marker
  • Glue

Step 2: Drawing the Design

I started by looking for the Batman's logo on the net. Once I was satisfied with one of the models I converted it to the dimensions that I required (maintaining the proportions) and drew it on a simple modelling software. (templates attached above). You will have to print the logo on 6×A4 sized sheets of paper. Then cut out the templates and paste them together. Then trace it onto the cardboard.

Step 3: Cutting the Logo

Then I moved on to cutting out the traced shape with my x-acto knife, making sure to follow the lines. Once you have cut out the logo you should have a perfectly symmetric batman logo. It's time to add the finishing touches let's move on to the painting...

Step 4: Painting the Logo

Spray paint or paint the logo with black paint making sure to get an even layer of paint. apply at least 2 layers of paint to really make it perfect !

Step 5: Attaching the Lights

Now take your Christmas lights and using some regular quick dry glue attach the bulbs to the edge of the cardboard. (remember to attach them at the back or you will lose the whole effect of this project.) I used some regular cheap clothes pins to hold the lights in place while I stuck the other ones. This makes the job go much faster.

Step 6: DONE !!

Now you have a cool source of light that you can hang on your wall or place on your desk !!

Hope you have enjoyed this project!!



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14 Discussions

Looks great and easy to do. Might make this my next weekend project!

5 replies

please do so! Would be delighted to see your creations...

Awesome! The LED lights around the edge give a great graphic effect, much better than just having a single light. Got to go, I think my Batphone is ringing. I don't like to keep the Commissioner waiting.

1 reply

Ya had tried it out infact with a bulb but wasn't very effective! However with leds you get to see a neat outline! Happy with the outcome, haha hopefully the commissioner will like it :)

thanx for the positive feedback :)