A Murphy Bed Installed Sideways


Introduction: A Murphy Bed Installed Sideways

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The Murphy bed I managed to get (for free, second-hand) was too tall for the low ceilings downstairs. I grabbed my drill, bought a few hinges and made this...

1. Locate the studs on an interior wall
2. Build a deck-type structure wide enough to accommodate the box spring, mattress and frame
3. Attach the wood structure to the studs
4. Install heavy-duty hinges.
5. Add feet on the bed frame

You can make a fold-up bed with hinges on the side that isn’t a Murphy bed, but it’s prettier if you get a Murphy bed because it has the paneling on the "bottom".



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    Thanks! - and Oh yes I could imagine that it's heavy - they are a hassle to move :) We are installing a queens size bed tomorrow - just spent a week building over at my father in law's place, and it's SO heavy too :)

    How awesome! I love how they're cataloged in one place! The other trick I was faced with when we got the bed downstairs is how to mount the giant spring that nearly took of our arm when we disassembled it from the other house. I couldn't imagine drilling into the concrete foundation. The bed is heavy to lay down, but it's used so infrequently that it's not an issue.

    how did you counter balance the bed? How heavy is the frame?. I really like your design.

    This is so obvious that I feel like a real dope! I have wanted a Murphy Bed in my basement for 25 years and held off doing it because where I want to put the bed is under 72" headroom due to a heating duct.

    You have solved my problem! Thankyou ! Rod