A New Life of a Broken Zip



I created a mixed media composition using a half of a broken zip.


Step 1: Materials

- a canvas on a wood frame, dim.: ~24 cm x 29.5 cm.

- half of a zip, length ~ 190 cm;

- acrylic colors: white, blue, peach, green;

- green color for textile;

- a piece of a green leather cord;

- a transparent plastic strand and a fine yarn.

- glitter for embellishment.

- two beads.

Step 2: Preparing the Canvas

The canvas is painted with a white layer and after drying,

I used a mixed of colors with more green on the bottom area and

more blue on the top area.

Step 3: Preparing the Zip

- I twisted the zip from both sides, like in the image, using
yarn to keep the spirals tight;

- I put in place the zip and fixed it with yarn and a self-adhesive tape.

- With green textile paint I colored the zip material.

Step 4: The Completion of the Canvas

- on the bottom area of the zip I painted some leaves and

I fixed the leather cord with the transparent strand, simulating the grass;

- as embellishment: bonded beads in the central of spirals

and some glitter on the zip and on the leaves and grass.

This is the transformation of a broken zip!




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