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Leather card case (business card holder) is the most basic work for beginners to practice their skills. It's also a great gift for friends. This is a common design, but I modified it so that you can cut multiple lines at once and use the leather as little as possible. It can carry up to 14 cards. Enjoy Hahn's style leather card case! I recommend that you practice with many patterns and try modifying them for yourselves according to your own tastes. If you want the pattern, please request it following the instructions. Thank you! =)

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Step 1: Leather Type

I used Italian veg tanned leather (Dakota)

[Material & thickness]

Leather : Dakota (Italian veg tanned) 1.5t Stud closure : 4mm

Step 2: Cut the Leather

Cut the leather following the pattern

Step 3: Edge Beveling

Edge beveling

Step 4: Edge Burnishing

Apply a gum (Tokonole) and burnishing with a slicker

Step 5: Make a Hole

Make a hole following the pattern.

Step 6: Attach a Stud Closure

Attach a stud closure

Step 7: Done =)

Thanks for watching :)

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    Reply 11 months ago

    Great job and how to get the free pattern!? thanks lot.