A Timber Frame Barn Build

About: Here I will share videos form my YouTube channel as well as other projects from my shop and farm. Hope you enjoy and follow along.

So....I started this project about a year and half ago as a dream shop and dream project. I had no experience in timber framing but I did have a good amount of woodworking and building experience. This project is the first step for me to set up a true woodshop that I can start maybe trying to earn my living from home and gain a lot more freedom in my daily life.

There is a something special about this type of building the brings as much reward from the process as it does from seeing it come together and taking shape. I bought the logs for this project, I milled all of the beams right here at home, cut all of the joinery and at this point in time I have stood half of the frame all by myself. This type of building can seem intimidating to a novice to timber framing like myself, but there is nothing to be intimidated by doing this type of thing. If you are looking to try this out for yourself, please follow along. I will be updating this page as the project progresses so please stay tuned. If you like the videos, please subscribe to follow along on TheTradesmaChannel 2017.

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