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About: I work in IT, but enjoy a variety of things. I'll usually do something until I'm almost good at it and then move on to something else. There's probably a clinical diagnosis for that, but I've never asked. ...
Stuff I've made over the years that hasn't been documented well enough to make a proper instructable out of. I suppose the cars don't really count since I only restored them, but they've been a lot more work than many of the things I have actually made, so I thought I'd put them here anyhow.
  1. One of my handmade mandolins
  2. Sorry, but this is the only photo I have of the F5 hardcase, and it's not even finished in this picture
  3. 16' sail/row boat with reciprocating oars I made in high school
  4. The same boat under sail
  5. 22.5' Kingfisher recreational single sculling shell with sliding riggers
  6. 9'4" longboard I made from expanded polystyrene
  7. Restoring 'Molly' my 1976 Austin Mini
  8. This was actually before the restoration, I just wanted to show off the awesome horns!
  9. Restoring 'Walley' my 1981 VW Kombi van. Unfortunately the whole thing looked like this
  10. Walley post-resto
  11. Bicycle built for two from old bike frames. 
  12. Custom short wheelbase recumbent
  13. Pizza peel for my pizza oven hand planed out of 3/4" heart Rimu

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    Phil B

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to see some of these developed into full-blown Instructables. You have done some impressive projects!

    4 replies

    Thanks Phil, that means a lot coming from an author of your caliber! Unfortunately most of these were started before I owned a camera or computer, so I'd have to hone my illustration skills if I were ever to publish them individually. Plenty more projects where these came from that never had a single photo taken :(
    Anyway, love your work!


    I understand about projects done years ago before there was any thought of documenting the construction process. Many of my Instructables are like that. I cheated with close up photos and non-photographic illustrations so I could still make Instructables on them. Thanks for the compliments. If you saw my stuff up close, you would see the mistakes I try to hide when I make Instructables on those projects.


    Aha, clever clever! most of these things I don't own any longer, alas. But I used to be a dab hand at photoshop/illustrator in my college days, might have to give some of them a go.
    p.s.- you brought my favorite fountain pen back to life, and for that I will be forever grateful!


    Around 1980 I made a working gumball machine of wood for my daughter. It does not operate until a coin is inserted. The coin falls into a receptacle box below. It will not give another gumball until another coin is inserted. I am thinking of documenting it with an Instructable that would allow others to build it. Last night I began working on illustrations for the moving parts in Google Sketch-up. I think my son may have finagled it away from his sister, and he is now living relatively close to our home. I could see about temporarily getting it from him in order to make photos and to take dimensions. If not, I could do it all in Sketch-Up even at this late date. I am glad you found the fountain pen Instructable useful. I wish all of the things in it had been original with me. That Instructable makes a nice repository for helpful things others have developed.