A Parallel Circuit Postcard

Introduction: A Parallel Circuit Postcard

About: I am a mathematician by conviction and a theoretical physicist by education. Meanwhile, I am focusing on interactive exhibitions and workshop design.

Introduce kids in a fun way to parallel circuits with just aluminum foil, leds and a battery!

You will need:

creativity, aluminum foil, three LEDs, coloured paper, glue, tape, a pin, scissors and a 3V power source (a battery or a small solar panel.)

Step 1: Design Your Postcard

Compose your postcard. Cut out the grass, a butterfly, a flower and the sky. Glue everything to a white paper.Use the pin to make 6 holes (2 for each of the LEDs).

Step 2: Connecting the LEDs in Parallel

Put the legs of the LEDs through the holes and flaten them by bending sideways (see photo). Make sure that all shorter legs (negative) are pointing up and all longer legs (positive) are pointing down. Cut out two stiprs of aluminum foil. Pull the under the legs of the LEDs. The strips should not touch each other to avoid a short circuit. Attach the legs of the LEDs to the aluminum with a scotch tape. The LEDs are now connected in parallel, with the aluminum strips acting as conductors.

Step 3: Connect to a Power Source

Connect the aluminum strips to a 3V power supply. The upper strip is negative and the lower strip is positive. You can attach them to a paper battery holder or to a solar panel like the solar powered postcard. Tadaaa.

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