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A380 the biggest airliner till date, one of my favourite aircraft and favourite livery too.

Its a scaled paper model of this giant aircraft from website paper-replika.com. (For the people who are first to scale paper modeling) This website offers free model templates of various aircraft, you can download them in pdf format and then take print out of that & follow steps.

This is my first Instructable so some mistakes maybe there in posting or language based.

I have not clicked photos when I was making the model so i will try to explain as much as possible, Even you can get some sort of instructions from the website paper-replika.com

(Image of A380 with sky blue background is edited in inkscape but its a model of A380 i have made not a real one :)

If any questions regarding the model, any queries just leave comment.

For getting details about paperreplika glue tabs type construction refer my Paperreplika Boeing 737-900 Delta Airlines Video on YouTube

For getting details about paperreplika glue tabs type construction refer my Paperreplika Boeing 737-900 Delta Airlines Video on YouTube

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Step 1: Fuselage

Things you will need -
3.Paper Cutter
5.Lots of Patience :)

Here its easy to make fuselage from any other steps, follow the instructions from the website by applying inner glue tabs first and glueing them with other one. Try to maintain finishing when glueing cockpit as whole airplane look depends on that.

To get perfect egg shaped cross section of fuselage insert inner formers given in pdf, As shape of A380 is not exactly circle because of double decks.

Attach the horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer on the dotted line given. Take care while attaching the horizontal stabilizer that they should remain either perpendicular to the fuselage or little bit upwards from fuselage but not bend in downward direction.

Glue Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) in simply flat style or customise in little bit real way.

Step 2: Wings

First attach the belly piece which joints wings to fuselage, take utmost care while making and glueing that as angle between fuselage and wings depends on that.

Although original angle of A380 as shown in pic can't be achieved in this model,but try to get as good as possible.

Attach wings after having satisfied with the shape of the resulting wings structure.

Leave Extra page in part of wings of 0.5-1.0 cm in the piece which attaches to fuselage, as no inner glue tabs are given for that.

Step 3: Engines

Follow instructions on the website for easy making the engines, but leave extra line of page before any parts for attaching the piece where inner glue tabs are not given.

Also attach engine pylons straight to the engine vertical line, also leave some extra page uncut on the space where pylon sticks to wings for easy and stiff glueing of the pylons, Do same while attaching pylons with engines.

In one image u can see a strip of paper lining attached to the wings with the pylon on it, leave that amount of lining on both sides of engine pylons.

Step 4: Fairings and Finishing

Attach fairings which supports the flaps on the wings, and also attach the winglet with the logo on the leading edge of each wing and finish the model.

As the emirates logo on the belly is not given in the website take a emirates logo vector image from Google and paste according to your scale of the model.Mine is 1:132.

Step 5: Allow to Dry

Allow to dry as more as possible especially in the wings attached to the fuselage. If not this will become worse like a low winged bird :)

Try giving exact support while drying as much as possible with any things like radio,alarm clock etc. do that original shape does not get deformed while drying.

I have not made Landing Gears as like aircraft without that, you can make that using instructions on website.

I tried to give as much as photos related to this,if something is left and not able to understand leave a comment

For getting details about paperreplika glue tabs type construction refer my Paperreplika Boeing 737-900 Delta Airlines Video on YouTube

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    1 year ago

    Please make a video

    Marco UbaldoD

    2 years ago

    give me a website about this paper model?


    3 years ago

    Hi, I have problem with attaching horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Can you explain it deeply and share photos of this area please?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    okay i think u can refer from my video of A380 singapore airlines, u will be able to see all steps in stop motion so u will understand better than also if any problem keep asking

    here's the link of that youtube video



    3 years ago

    Hi I cant afford the premium and was wondering if you could send the file to me.. email is tn568568@gmail.com thanks

    1 reply

    Yes, but its little heavy because of wide wingspan and more internal support on the belly. I fear to hang this realistic plane all time, so i kept on table by lego supports on all 4 sides.

    But Thanks for feedback :)