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Take a look at the video to see it at work.

Check the next steps for the Schematic and code.

Step 1: The Schematic and Parts List.

Just connect it as the schematic shows. Upload the code and it should work.

I added a on/off switch a reset button and a power jack, those are not

shown on the schematic but easy to add.

To add a reset button just add a button to the reset pin, put one wire in the

reset pin and one in ground.

You can also add extra buttons for C and D as shown on the schematic.

My final project will have a red button for the red team and green for green team.

Parts list.

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Potentiometer (+ knob optional)
  3. buzzer
  4. On/Off switch
  5. 1 Channel relay
  6. lcd 1602 - Blue Backlight
  7. 4x4 Keypad
  8. 2x Red leds, 1x green led.
  9. 2x 220 Ohm (220 R) resistors
  10. A set of MM FF MF Jumper wires
  11. Female Power jack & adapter (optional) (You can also add batterys of course)
  12. 2 buttons for C & D(optional)
  13. 1 button for reset (optional)
  14. Alarm Strobe? Alarm Sound?

(i used male and female audio plugs to connect the lamp)

Step 2: The Code.

There are multiple codes inside.

Open and upload the Time_Bomb_Airsoft_Game.ino

If you connected everything the right way it should work right away.

Be creative! make a nice enclosure for it.

Good luck!

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1 year ago

I have made it and it works perfect. but i want to ad a game where both teams had to arm the bomb with a password but have some one did this already??

1 reply

Can You share the code that works please


Great job works like a charm.

I modified the code for use with a 4x3 keyboard if you want I can postaerti the code to implement your wonderful guide.

I'm really a noob with arduino I saw that in the code you wanted to implement a setup menu is always in your plans and if it is possible get the code?

PS I also translated into Italian the sketches. XD

3 replies

Hi, Cool i know how to use the 4x3 code, but you can share it if you want, but i could also put a description on how to change this, its pretty easy, just a few lines in the code. Remember the code uses multiple codes. So upload it somewhere as a zip and share the link instead of sharing the codes as text. otherwise the comments will become messy:) Or only share the piece of code that need to be changed to use it as 4x3... that should be ok. its not that messy... greetings.


It is possible to have the config skretch of config menu?

Bonjour, j'ai un souci avec le code, quand je veux le vérifier m'a vérifié: sortie statut 1, erreur de compilation pour la carte arduino / genuino uno! je vois pas ce qui cloche!

merci d'avance pour l'aide


Question 8 weeks ago

May I ask for changed code to relay that will be only on when countdown is end?


Question 2 months ago

WHAT'S wrong in this line of code?


Question 2 months ago

Why i have this communicat what should I do change in code?

2018-05-05 (3).png

Hi guys

Im struggeling, i have managed to upload the code and i have wired everything correctly by using to drawings from 2 different makers, where they ar the same.

However, when i power on.. there is a tiny frequensy sound from the buzzer, both led blink one time fast, then both blink again and the red lights up constantly.

There are no digits or symbols on the lcd. I can adjust backlight brightness, but still no symbols.

Hope some can help me. Maybe go over it with me over Teamviewer?

My email is:

Have a nice day and a nice easter

Best regards

Morten from Norway

2 replies

1 I have the same problem, can you help me, please?

I fixed it. I would like the relay to be activated when a game is over. Now the relay trigger when the bomb goes off in Search&Destroy :/
Reason is that I can but a siren on when the game ends.
Pleeeeease help anyone


Question 5 months ago

Arduino:1.8.1 (Windows XP), Tarjeta:"Arduino/Genuino Uno"

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Escritorio\BombaArduino\Time_BOMB_Airsoft_GAME\Time_BOMB_Airsoft_GAME.ino:2:20: fatal error: Keypad.h: No such file or directory



compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compilación en tarjeta Arduino/Genuino Uno.

mi tarjeta es arduino funduino y me da estos errores y no se como solucionarlo.
me podeis ayudar?

No its to use the "extras" like the light, fireworks, use external alimentation just plug the + to vin and - to gnd on the board...I use a 9v battery

Hi, the aditional buttons tha you use to the C and D, is 2 pin or 4 pin? on mine i have a strip RGB led, and don´t work well with this code, can you help me?

when i compile the code it gives me a lot of errors. how can i fix this?

Does anyone have a "How To" guide on playing this game? I'm looking for a step-by-step guide on how to play all three games after the project is assembled and the code is uploaded. I have completed all of that and would really like some help on how to actually use it. Thank you.

nobody can share a code that works?