Acrylic Skeleton Clock




Introduction: Driver Circuit

I used a step down transformer, 220vac primary and 12-0-12 secondary as the coil to generate the kick needed to sustain the pendulum. The EI core is discarded. The primary coil senses the right position of the pendulum and the secondary provides the kick. The driver is driven by a 12vdc voltage. The consumption is less than 1amp. The transistor is 2SC1060 and the diode is 1N4007. Rating of the transformer is 259ma. Any bridge rectifier with rating not less than 1 amp; can be used. Its function is to protect the circuit from wrong polarity.

Step 1: Gears

I used nine (9) gears to generate minutes and hour. The accuracy of the clock depends of the swing of the pendulum. I got 70 teeth for the saw gear to generated as close to 60 seconds as possible. (70-8), (64-8), (60-8), (30-10) and (32) for the hour. I will try to upload the gear files, keep getting error messages.



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    DC can also be applied at the input, whichever the position of +12vdc the load will always be in the + .

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    Got it. Of course with +/-12V applied it would be running on 24V (probably not what you intended) :)

    I got confused at the mention of a 12-0-12 transformer, I see now that you're not powering it from the transformer, but reusing it as an inductive kicker.

    Do persist with the files upload, it does look an interesting project.

    Note: When you are uploading images (pictures only) do it through "You" -> "You Page" -> Quick Links -> Image Library -> Upload, where you tag them all related to the project. Don't try and upload your other files e.g. gears designs there. I did that on my first instructable and it went a bit wrong.

    Upload additional files while you're making the instructable, using the "paperclip" attachment icon on the step you want them to appear at. Just next to the "add step" button.

    If in doubt, put extra files in a .ZIP archive to make sure instructables handles them.

    Please look at the bridge rectifier circuit you posted and decide what's really going on there ... the way the diodes are oriented I would expect AC to be applied to left-right nodes, and for positive to come out at the top (with negative, or earth at the bottom).

    You've got, apparently, DC coming in? (+12, -12v?)

    Or is that "+12 -12v" coming from a transformer that's not shown? In which case your drawing is right, but don't call it +/-12, call it 12vAC on both sides :)

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    Sorry, its suppose to be 12-0 vdc. Not -12vdc. You may apply AC voltage to it and becomes DC. Or to protect the load against wrong polarity...

    Is this instructable done ? Did you publish it by accident?

    When I saw this in between the recent instructables I was wondering why it was not featured. This seems like and awesome clock but the instructable lacks a bit of explanation. How do you need to assemble it? What other parts are needed ?
    How do you make the pendulum?

    This instructable has a lot of potential. don't let it go to waste.

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    Just join the group, having problems loading the files. I will try to do it again has lots of parts but i will try...

    First time to joint, having problem uploading files...