Activate Android Easter Egg


Introduction: Activate Android Easter Egg

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Not many people know about this little secret hidden in the Android OS. The one in 4.4 is called Dessert Case the one in 4.3 is called Bean Flicker and there are others but let's get started.

Step 1: Settings

Goto settings the goto About Phone click Android Version 10 times give or take.

Step 2: Easter Egg

Now tap the Letter a few times then the KitKat wrapper will appear, then hold it for a few seconds and the dessert case will appear there you go the Android 4.4 easter egg Thanks for Reading.

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on marshmallow the flappy bird game is more featured, more graphics, easier, multiplayer

on android nougat the game is a Neko Atsume based game which is cat collecting


3 years ago

I have 4.1.2 and 3 or 4 taps on version gave me jellybean hold til vib and gives me jellybeans that you can flick around. That all :-( damn old phone. cool though, thanks for the share.

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*idiotic laughter* I guess you haven't seen Froyo and Gingerbread, there's just a picture...
(P.S.: The CyanogenMod 7 ROM also has a fun toast notification in addition to the pic)

On 5.0 it has a flappy Bord style game but I'm just waiting for the Lollipop update.

I have the 1st gen. RAZR Max ( got it when it first came out) which is getting slow and cranky. So new phone soon (anti crApple). figure out new tricks.

Nothing much on Lollipop it is a floppy bird style game.

The same thing works for lollipop