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Introduction: Addiator (for Point Counting)

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I had the idea to use this mechanical addition machine from the past as a game points counting device. The points counter I did was ok for numbers up to 99 but not very upsizable for bigger numbers.

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Step 1: Cutting the Parts

The parts are from laser cut 3mm plywood with engraved numbers and symbols.

There are 4 main components :

  • The body (3 parts)
  • The scales that allow the additions to be calculated
  • The reset mechanism
  • The brake to ensure the scales won't move with gravity

Step 2: Chamfer the Result Holes

Since the plywood is much more thick than sheet metal that was used by industrial production, I chamfered the four holes to make the result more visible with a drill.

The chamfer is not very clean. Maybe it's not the best material for that, maybe the drill was too fast.

Step 3: Varnishing the Pieces

I used toothpicks to glue the pieces together. Before that I placed some in the holes when applying varnish to avoid clogging the holes.

Step 4: Reset Mechanism

Glueing the reset mechanism needs to be a bit cautious since it's easy to glue all the parts together. I glued and let dry the botom mount. Then I sled it in place. Squares do not need to be glued. I put them there, hoping for more rigidity.

Step 5: Glueing the Body

I pud glue only inside the 6 holes of the body and put toothpicks inside. Like the reset, it's very easy to glue all moving parts together. I cut after that the toothpicks flush.

Step 6: Last Piece of the Reset

Again, it takes caution to glue this part without glueing the moving ones.

Step 7: Making the Brake

Since the scales may move freely inside the body, a brake held against them by a rubber band is fixed on the body.

Here it is. I'm using a wooden skewer to use the addiator

Heres a video explaining how an addiator works :

Step 8: Svg File

For cutting it yourself. It's intended for 3mm thick material.

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    2 years ago

    I remember having one of those when I was a child. I had to send for it in the mail. But I eventually got it and had a lot of fun with it. I made an abacus recently and I think that an abacus might be an easier counter to make and use. However I like your counter and I wish I had one. Well done!