Making Your Camera Into "military Nightvision", Adding Nightvision Effect, or Creating NightVision" Mode on Any Camera!!!




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The NightVision effect, is basically making the picture green and black. It can be done either directly from your camera, or by modifying pictures. Essentially, you will need :
If you want to edit a picture:
-Gimp, Artweaver, or another picture editing software. It doesn't need to cost you hundreds of $$$.
- a Picture to edit.

If you want to do it directly from your camera, you will need:
- Digital Camera
- Something to take a picture of.
- For setup, you need something very red... red as a Tomato

This Is my first Instructable, so keep that in mind, but don't go easy on critisism.

Step 1: Using Picture Editing Software...

I will be using "ArtWeaver" to do this.

1. Open your picture.
2. Select all your picture. ( ctrl+a)
3.Select "Colorize"
4. Set Hue to 125 ( it should be green)
5. Set Saturation to 100
6. You can either leave Lightness alone, or make it -20/-30 for a darker effect, or +30, it will look like nightvision taken during sunrise.

Step 2: Nightvision Directly From Camera:

To use Nightvision directly from your digital camera:
1. Turn on Camera
2. Select the Manual mode
3.go to white balance ( sometimes lighting)
4. go to custom
5. hold the red object in front of lense ( tomato!!! )
6. select " evaluate white balance" or something relevant.
7. When you point the camera, it should be green.

Step 3: Bonus!!!

If you are editing the picture, and you are having it so that its appears as if its being taken at dawn, and you want a "solar flare" or "lensflare" you can add it by:
1. opening picture editing software ( in my case, Artweaver)
2. uploading your image
3. filter/render/lensflare
4.Position the flare in the desired area.



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    as long as you can get the picture off your camera, into your computer,
    if you wanted to do it directly, I can come up with something


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Lens flares can make your picture look cheesy.  Also, lens flare BEFORE you set the hue.

    Other than that, its a fine first Instructable.

    7 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    What your saying depends on what software you're using. Most of the time, the safest bet is to add the lens flare AFTER you set the hue. but thank you, what software are you using?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Adobe Photoshop CS2.

    Mind you, I don't really use lens flares...

    I'm kind of guessing that if you want to make it look likes its night vision, do the hue change after the lens flare, because, in real life, any lens flare you get would have a similar greenish tint.  The only problem with doing it before is the lens flare will probably become green...  Not real looking.

    I suggested doing the hue change it after the lens effect is because most lens flare effects that I've seen have a bit of red or blue in them.  If they don't then yes, you do it after.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I see what you mean.
    I'm sorry I forgot to say this, but I've done quite alot of night photography, and alot of it, I've had to use a nightvision monacle, both on my camera, and on my own eyes, similar to the ones that the military might have. I noticed that the lens flares, when it was daybreak, that you do start seeing color, with that greenish tint as you mentioned, but at least when using artweaver, it remains very accurate to what you might see, which most people have a distorted image of what would actually happen ( in their heads of course) due to the fact that so many video games have been affecting people. I used artweaver because it is open source and usable on almost any OS, I haven't used CS2 in a long while, I have used CS3 but never for this effect.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, ok.  Thats ni-

    Wait...  Open source software?

    I'M THERE!

    Thats weird about seeing color, though, now that I think about it, the LCDs on night vision goggles are probably color and if the cameras pick up color...

    I guess that makes sense...  Good to know...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    No problem, thanks for the CONSTRUCTIVE critisism, not just: 

    Lance Mt.sjoobbani

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     Hahahaha, yeah we could use alot more of that here at instructables. I've been using Photoshop CS4 for quite some time now and i would have presumed to hue the flare after as well. Thanks for that.

       -Cheers, Chris


    9 years ago on Introduction

    THIS IS AWESOME thank you soo much for tellin me bout this! omg I've been wondering how to do this!