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My kids love Adventure Time. They decided they wanted to be Finn and Jake for Halloween. The cartoon is pretty new and you can't find any Adventure Time stuff in stores so I had to make their costumes from scratch. Here's what I came up with for my daughter's Jake costume.

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Step 1: How to Make Jake's Body

First, measure the wearer's shoulder width plus the length from the top of their head to mid-thigh, then cut 2 pieces of yellow fleece in those dimensions, rounding at the top.

Next, cut a long strip of fleece for the outside edge of the costume and reinforce it with 2 pieces of thick fusible web in the middle. You could also use cardboard. You'll need something sturdy to shape it in a dome above the head instead of letting it drape limply.

Starting at the midpoint of the long fleece piece and the top of one of the body pieces, sew 3/8 inch along the edge. Next, go back to the top of the head and sew along the other side. Sew on the back body piece in the same manner.

Next, have the wearer try on the costume and carefully mark where to cut the face and armholes. Have them take it off and cut those holes. Try it back on to adjust.

Hem at the bottom and insert elastic to gather it into a bubble shape.

Step 2: How to Make Jake's Face

For the ears, cut 2 long oval yellow fleece pieces. Stitch them together and cut an opening on one side. Turn inside-out and stitch or glue it to the top of the head.

For the cheeks, cut 2 U shaped yellow fleece pieces in a size that will fit around your face hole. Stitch together and cut an opening on one side. Turn inside-out and stuff with polyfil. Stitch it around the face hole.

For the nose, cut a black 2 black ovals (I used black vinyl). Place right sides together and sew. Cut an opening in the back, turn inside-out and and stuff with a small amount of polyfil. Stitch or glue it to the cheeks above the face hole.

For the eyes, cut 2 white circles and 2 black crescents. (I used vinyl reinforced with thick fusible webbing). Glue the black crescent to the white eyeball circle. Insert them behind the cheeks and glue.

Hand-stitch black double-folded bias tape around the mouth/face hole and hand-stitch or glue 3 white teeth on top (I used vinyl).

Step 3: Make Jake's Pants

Make a pair of yellow fleece pants.

Step 4: Make Jake's Sleeves

You can leave the armholes open if you have a long-sleeved shirt to wear underneath, or you can sew on some yellow fleece sleeves. My daughter insisted it needed sleeves so I added them at the end. I also stitched some 3-fingered paws to each sleeve cuff.

Also, don't forget to add a stubby tail to the back  of the body (not pictured).

Step 5: Aventure Time Jake Costume With Finn



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    4 years ago

    they look adorable together


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm making Finn's gold sword as a gift for my friend, who is got me into Adventure Time. I just need to find how to make his hood and backpack :D

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    awesome and thanks for post the instructable. every year my kids dress up according to their ride. in 09 my son Zander was scoobydoo and i made the mystery machine to fit over his stroller, in 2010 I had another son so Zander was buzz and Kaiden was the alien from toystory and i made buzz's ship to fit over the stroller, last year Zander was a cop and Kaiden was a prisoner and they rode in a powerwheels policecar. This year I havent decided yet, but a friend suggested finn and jake and that they ride on lady rainacorn. any ideas on how to pull it off?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! We went trick-or-treating in the downtown business area and we practically got mobbed by a group of teenage boys shouting, "You guys are the AWESOMEST!!!!" Most people though didn't know who/what they were. Someone said, "Ooo look, a Pikachu and a bunny!"


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love Adventure Time and that is an awesome job. If your kids showed up to my house they would get all the candy.