Air Rifle Pellet Carrier

got this idea from my black powder days of a primer carrier


3/16 x 6 x 6 rubber gasket material (available from hardware as a "plumbers gasket repair assortment)

leather hole punch, knife, straight edge and/or ruler

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Step 1: Trim Gasket to Width (I Went With 3/4 Inch

Step 2: Mark and Trim Ends to Dress It Up a Little

Step 3: Punch Holes- I Spaced Them About 1/2 Inch Apart , That Gave Me 11 Holes for 10 Pellets and a Lanyard

Step 4: After Making a Pellet Seater I Attached All Together With a Lanyard

Step 5: The Seater Is a 1/2 Inch Dowel With a Bbq Skewer for the Center Pin to Seat the Pellet, Cut It Long at First So You Can Trim It to Get the Depth on the Pellet You're Happy With

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